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  1. Unschoolers in Southern CAL?
  2. How do I go about this?
  3. Anyone else doing Waldorf or Waldorf inspired?
  4. We're eclectic homeschoolers! I think so, anyway...
  5. Link to Great Article About Unschooling Minus the Labels
  6. Following "The Well-Trained Mind" closely
  7. Life Learning online magazine
  8. Lesson planning suggestions
  9. The Unschooling Handbook, by Mary Griffith
  10. Do State-Sponsored Online Schools Pose a Threat to Independent Homeschoolers?
  11. LIFE is Good - - Unschooling Conference May 27-30
  12. GMA Piece on Radical Unschooling This Morning
  13. help me with portfolio-evaluation...florida..
  14. I Challenge You....
  15. Washington Post article on unschooling and...eating??
  16. Help me out here, please! Unschooling musings
  17. What method?
  18. On Being a New Unschooler
  19. Pre-school and K curricula and materials?
  20. How do I get the kids to see what I have strewed?
  21. New to HS'ing, what do you do with babies while you HS???
  22. Does anyone here do a Robinson inspired school?
  23. So here is what I am doing to pull together our Robinson inspired school
  24. Daily schedules
  25. Charlotte Mason, anyone?
  26. This just might be the dumbest question ever asked on here
  27. Visual Spatial Learners
  28. What are we?
  29. A great website for those visual learners!
  30. Just What is Eclectic Homeschooling, anyhow?
  31. Swann Family Homeschooling
  32. I feel so undefined, LOL!
  33. Article: A Journey to Unschooling
  34. Article: Learning With Unit Studies
  35. best books, unschooling
  36. getting our groove on, only took a month!
  37. when you have an hour to spare, great video- unschooling
  38. "child led" learning, or unit studies..some questions
  39. Are Titles Necessary or Helpful?
  40. For You Unschoolish Types
  41. For you Charlotte Masonish types...
  42. HSAP and/or Dual Enrollment
  43. Van Damme Academy/Objectivism
  44. Flip, Flop, rumble tumble
  45. How were your college classes taught?
  46. What is your teens Schedule/style?
  47. de-railment, self discovery much more appealing
  48. A late switch to unschooling?
  49. Recommendations for unschooling?
  50. Unit Studies web site..
  51. Special Needs Schedules
  52. kids website
  53. Northeast Unschooling Conference?
  54. Visual Learners
  55. Those Doggone Ellipses
  56. Teaching Experiments
  57. MouHaHA, Poor DD
  58. Is phonics-only a sacred cow?
  59. Case for Textbooks?
  60. Bathroom Passes??
  61. multiply and divide style??
  62. mastery program
  63. unschoolers...
  64. something to add to all the road trips . . .I wish!
  65. Learning style? esp science . .
  66. how important are math manipulatives?
  67. Kitchen Table vs. Desk vs. ???
  68. Project Based /Inquiry Led Homeschooling
  69. how do I find umbrella schools in my area??
  70. A Day in the life of (insert imaginary ellipses here)
  71. Tips on discovering your child's learning style...
  72. Teaching Style Quiz - What's Yours?
  73. Struggling despite the research
  74. NPR essay about an unschooler
  75. Your Favourite CM-Style Biographies
  76. Relaxed Homeschoolers ?
  77. Better Late Than Early.
  78. Better Early Than Late !
  79. Early VS Late - How about Child led?
  80. What does your typical day look like?
  81. Tidal Homeschooling
  82. How Long to Deschool?
  83. Fill me in on Radical Unschooling
  84. two grown, successful- what i learned the hard way!
  85. Music for the Classroom
  86. because the comments tell us there are too many ignorant people in the world!
  87. Is Waldorf a Cult?
  88. A Thomas Jefferson Education?
  89. is this classical?
  90. Read Alouds and Kindergarten
  91. Fitting it all together
  92. Talk me into unschooling again!
  93. Different Styles in One Family ?
  94. Part-Time Unschooling?
  95. Eastern European History
  96. Winging it
  97. Personalities and Homeschooling Styles
  98. MBtP and diving into unschooling....
  99. Evolving methods?
  100. Calling Unschoolers Please Help Me
  101. School at Home - anybody else out there?
  102. Thoughts- shaking up our homeschool
  103. What does your homeschool day (schedule) look like?
  104. School at the dining room table??
  105. Any one using video games as part of their curriculum?
  106. considering unit studies
  107. Tweet me!
  108. How much social contact do your kid have?
  109. Eclectic vs. Freethinking? Is there a difference?
  110. I just had to! New Song!
  111. School room ideas
  112. Ultimate Fieldtrips!
  113. Charlotte Mason
  114. In Defense of Homeschooling....
  115. Unschooling: Really interesting video
  116. Our new rain gutter bookshelves!
  117. I just have to get this off my chest.
  118. An...um..."Different" kind of co-op...
  119. What's the goal?
  120. Notebooking???
  121. Rewards?
  122. Your workbox experiences?
  123. time of day?
  124. Unschooling/Delight-Directed implementation questions
  125. Patting myself on the back
  126. Projector Art Project Fun
  127. Getting back after a break
  128. Daily org chart
  129. Let's see what your homeschool room/area looks like!
  130. Circle time
  131. How did you decide on your "style"?
  132. How did you teach your kids to read?
  133. Our schoolroom is coming along nicely!
  134. Does Anyone have recent studies references on delaying or not academics ?
  135. Reason Number 549 Why I Love Homeschooling
  136. Gifted Pre-schoolers?
  137. How many of you ...
  138. Need advice or reassurance
  139. Thinking of a change
  140. Advice for unschooling my 4 year old
  141. School at home
  142. Post Sandy Schooling
  143. How do you measure your students' academic progress?
  144. Are phonics & spelling & grammar essential, or even important?
  145. Unschooling article: 'I let my children do whatever they want'
  146. Video on how the earth was form?
  147. 2 weeks of field trips?
  148. So, what's the unschool-y solution to this problem
  149. Using Technical Tools To Manage Assignments
  150. Different method for each child?
  151. Hybrid homeschool
  152. Patience With Reading is Paying Off!
  153. Question about Unschooling
  154. Can I Build a Language Arts Curriculum on The Chronicles of Narnia?
  155. strewing/ unschooling questions
  156. School away from School?
  157. Examples of essays for kids to read?
  158. Have You Sent Your Child to Preschool and/or Kindergarten Before Homeschooling?
  159. The Earthsea books by Ursula Le Guin, writing ideas for grade 6
  160. I thought this was neat...
  161. So far I've learned...
  162. Transitioning from summers off school to schooling year round
  163. Working on our schedule
  164. Unschoolers, help keep me sane please!
  165. Deschooling preschool?
  166. Need a name for a day
  167. Teacher's Manuals?
  168. Did anyone see the College By Twelve segment on the Today Show?
  169. Is anyone else here taking cues from the Well Trained Mind?
  170. Classical No More - Interest-Led Now!
  171. Project based homeschooling - the book
  172. Implementing a learner-led learning without going crazy?
  173. Question for SummerBreakers
  174. Common Core
  175. Where do I start with Shurley English?
  176. Global Schooling
  177. Grade2-4 level astronomy magazines?
  178. Goodbye, Unschool?
  179. School's out for summer!
  180. Share first day of school fun ideas
  181. Project Based Homeschooling Master Class
  182. On cursive (a link to Psychology Today, the benefits of learning cursive)
  183. Nature Table Gawking
  184. One Subject at time?
  185. Interesting Paper About Teaching Elementary Math
  186. When does everyone start?
  187. Awesome Just Finished
  188. Afterschooling
  189. Salon article
  190. Am I setting her up for failure?
  191. Creative (read: Cheap) Study Abroad?
  192. A Small Hint That Helps Us Motivate and Inspire
  193. Slacking off...
  194. Using unusual resources for teaching
  195. NYT article: Flipped Schools
  196. Do you think public school is "easy?"
  197. Let's Talk Facebook with Kids...
  198. Interesting legal battle over Umbrella schooling in FL
  199. Inquiry ledroject based group
  200. Waldorf Math
  201. SOLE - Anyone doing this?
  202. Unschoolers and Relaxed Homeschoolers - Did I mess up by being too relaxed?
  203. Hackschooling! Watch the video, read the thread and give us your feedback!
  204. Homeschool Budgets
  205. Family Subjects
  206. Anyone ever teach year round?
  207. Stunned. Happy, but stunned.
  208. Changing Style-Input appreciated
  209. I'm having a baby and need advice on LAZY workbox alternatives
  210. Tell me about learning to read and unschooling...
  211. Public School to Homeschool to Afterschool!
  212. Unschooling fails?
  213. Goals for Science
  214. Is there a link to quick definitions/synopses of the different types of homeschooling
  215. Art/craft supplies/project based homeschoolers
  216. How many days do you homeschool?
  217. Moderate unschooling? (as opposed to radical)
  218. Managing Resources with Project-Based
  219. Unschooling-How does it work for your family?
  220. Workbooks actually work. Who knew?
  221. I have realized something about unschooling.
  222. Classical ed for seculars?
  223. FarmSchooling
  224. Talk to me about part time HS and part time PS
  225. Just read books?
  226. Dropping Math
  227. Please talk to me about unschooling
  228. Anyone doing Block Scheduling?
  229. 4-day a week schedule
  230. Confused about labels of "advanced" and/or "gifted"
  231. Project Based Homeschoolers -- How Do You Stay "Well-Rounded"
  232. balancing kids with different learning styles
  233. Information on Homeschooling
  234. I dropped the schedule.....and lost my mind
  235. Any other older unschoolers here?
  236. Virtual school - K12
  237. Cheap Montessori Work Mats / Rugs
  238. Project based Homeschooling with a group
  239. Does this day look alright for grade 3?
  240. Ebooks as textbooks?
  241. Supplementing question, in addition or in place of?
  242. Twaddle
  243. A UK Educational Study: "Chalk and Talk Teaching Might Be The Best Way After All"
  244. Giving up on reading and phonics
  245. The dreaded Gloom Room
  246. Homeschool Planners
  247. deschooling
  248. Unit Study lengths
  249. Loop scheduling
  250. deciding to unschool