View Poll Results: Do you belong to a local homeschool support group?

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  • Yes, we belong to a local secular homeschool support group.

    9 22.50%
  • Yes, we belong to a local inclusive homeschool support group.

    13 32.50%
  • Yes, we belong to a local faith-based homeschool support group.

    3 7.50%
  • No, because we don't have any homeschool support groups in our area.

    1 2.50%
  • No, because we only have faith-based support groups in our area and do not choose to attend.

    10 25.00%
  • No, because we don't have any desire to attend a support group.

    4 10.00%
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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you belong to a local homeschool support group?

    Although possibly as rare as a sighting of a U.F.O., secular homeschool support groups do exist. But that doesn't mean everyone has one in their neighborhood. Faith-based homeschool support groups, on the other hand, are usually quite easy to find.

    So if you are lucky enough to have a secular support group, or even an inclusive support group nearby, then I send out my congratulations! Some of you probably belong to your local faith-based group in order to participate in homeschooling activities. Some of you refuse to sign that "statement of faith" or be barraged by religious chatter and are frustrated that there are no secular options for you. And others have absolutely no desire to belong to a support group no matter WHAT the affiliation, or lack thereof.

    Where do YOU fall on the support group spectrum??
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    I got lucky, we have a secular support group locally on yahoo. Weekly playdates, weekly soccer days, and sometimes a social gathering. I honestly don't think I cuold have jumped into this without having them available, it's been a blessing!
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    We have an inclusive support group. Lately, we have so many activities/field trips that we need to turn them down or we'd get nothing else done. We have monthly meetings for the parents (usually with some theme--math, science, organization, etc), weekly history co-op, weekly FIAR co-op, weekly teen co-op, annual fairs (science, art, etc), annual field day, monthly book club, and innumerable field trips. We've been lucky to find the group, but find ourselves not as involved as when the kids were younger. They are simply moving on to more personally led activities/jobs.

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    I voted no because we don't have any desire... but even if we did, there aren't any here. Even if there were, we would not join, I'm not a club kind of person because it seems no matter the club/organization it feels like highschool to me and you get all the drama that goes along with it... NO THANK YOU
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    I have a variety of local inclusive support groups and I've been in and out of them for the reason that Sommer posted. DS is quite social, which is why I keep trying new ones. Here's hoping the latest, so far seems more low key, is a good fit.
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    I belong to both secular and inclusive Yahoo groups and I'm thinking of joining a secular meet-up group. They're actually pretty easy to find in my neck of the woods.
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    We have one very small, faith based group in our general area but I gather from their limited website that the kids are all much older than my son and that they are extremely religious. If we are still living here this fall, I might make up posters and post them in the local coffee shop and other places to try to find like-minded homeschoolers. I would love to connect with other people in our area; it is so difficult to meet people (homeschooling or not) and make connections here that I'm about to lose my mind. I've never seen such a closed off culture. Anyway, I'd jump at the chance to meet other people with similar interests and have my son be able to expand his very limited social circle.

    Thank GOODNESS for this awesome forum!
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    There is no group in my area, I started one for a bit. But then we had a nutjob come in. It just isn't worth it LOL. The best way I have found to find other homeschooling families is to ask the librarian. Homeschoolers use the library a lot, and the librarian gets a good feel for what kind of homeschooler they are from the books they check out. I have had great luck connecting this way in the past. Right now it isn't a huge concern, since I only have little ones in the house now.

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    We belong to a Christian group. We have to listen to the the praying and the praising god for medical miracles and the creation type of stuff when people are discussing it. However, everyone is very respectful and understanding that we have a different belief system. I never would have thought joining a religious group would be a good choice, but it just sort of happened and worked out. Honestly, the right/left politics are harder to come to terms with than what they do with their science lessons and their Sundays. As far as the statement of faith, I sign it but I edit it first. I cross out believe and add "agree to respect the beliefs of the group, including...". No one cares.

    Our group does all kinds of stuff: moms nights out, weekly park and pool days, co-ops, holiday parties, and more personal stuff, like last summer my car broke down and I was in a very bad financial situation. The group had my car fixed, and while it was still broken, several people loaned me their car or gave me rides so we could get groceries and stuff. Another mom was on bedrest with her pregnancy for several months, so the group helped her cook and get her kids to events and all sorts of things. It's really an amazing community and I would encourage anyone to try out various local groups, even the ones that seem unlikely on the surface, just to see what clicks.
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    My family is extremely laid back and we practice reformed Judaism. I haven't found any group in my area nor the state of Texas that reflects my personal opinions with the exception of this online forum! lol. We have alot of family/extended family and friends, so I'm okay if our family never joins an actual homeschool group.

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