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    45 67.16%
  • Cat(s)

    47 70.15%
  • Bird(s)

    8 11.94%
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    2 2.99%
  • Fish

    13 19.40%
  • Chicken(s)

    13 19.40%
  • Other

    28 41.79%
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    Default The Unsung Homeschool Mascots - What kind of pets do you have at your house?

    For us, one of the biggest perks of homeschooling has been having the constant nuzzles of encouragement and excuses to take "petting breaks" from our work - - our two lovable mutts. One time when my youngest son was pondering the idea of going back to school one year, he finally settled against the idea based on the fact that he didn't think he could go all day without his furry companions.

    Right now, we only have dogs, but homeschooling has also allowed us the opportunity to host several other creatures from the animal phyla over time. I'd love to know what kind of homeschool mascots you have hanging around your house. If your animal friends aren't listed, be sure to share them with us in the comments!!
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    Heh. My birdie, of course, and I have 3 cats.

    Technically I only have 1 cat (kitten) living with me right now. My other 2 are in the U.S. with my sister, because she and I both agreed that since they've already been to Korea and back, they don't need to endure the trauma of another trans-oceanic flight. So they're with her until we move back to the states in January 2014. My son tells me his misses them. (Aww.)
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    Currently: 3 cats, 1 puppy.

    For years, it was 2 cats. Then, I think it was last year, went down to 1. Then, around January this year, up to 3. Puppy came a few months ago.

    However, we have plans for frogs (as soon as I figure out where to put them) and a worm farm. Hermit crabs have also been requested.

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    Dogs, cats, chickens, and 'other,' which currently constitutes a gerbil. DS is gunning for a lizard and DH wants ferrets. I want them all to learn how to CARE for these animals before they get them, because I'm up to my eyeballs with what already lives here!
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    One elderly dog for emotional support and footwarming, two incredibly mischeivious cats (who lay exactly where you are trying to write at exactly the wrong time).

    The puppy is no longer here, but she taught dd a ton about dogs, how to be alpha, and how to train (including mastering the 'firm but gentle' voice).

    ds also has a hamster, who is sometimes a visitor to the dining room. It's hard to get much done though.. she's far too cute and curious.
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    DS has been asking for a dog for a long time and we'll probably get one in the spring, after we're settled in our new home and after the cold and snow of winter make puppy training more difficult.

    A dog will be great for him--companionship, playmate, responsibility he's aching for. But, it will change our lifestyle too in that we won't be able to take spontaneous trips to a city or camp in certain areas or be out of the house all day. And of course, cleaning up after the fur...and worrying about ticks...but we're excited too. He has no interest in other creatures, other than dogs he's not an animal or pet kid *at all*. It cracks me up that puppies just melt his heart.

    eta: we had chrysalids/butterflies and ants in the summer--do those count?
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    We have two cats and a rabbit. One of the unexpected perks to homeschooling has been watching a closer bond develop between our kids and the cats. My kids are much closer to them now than they were when they went to ps.
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    At first, we had only fish but the tank wasn't successful. We'll be trying our hand with aquariums again come Christmas day. Currently, we have 1 puppy (6 mos. old), 2 pythons (3ft. and 5 ft.) and a host of caged rats (breeders and feeders). Before I forget, we also have one outside, scraggly cat who won't go away.

    ETA: One of the rats is actually a pet. He's a bald rat. Julia named him Harry.
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    Just two cats. Jack and Daisy. We call them slinky and foopah. Jack is black, sleek, and shiny. He will move off of an ottoman like a ferret. Hence Slinky. Daisy is a fatso who eats butter if I don't put it UP, hence Foopah, or Foopadoop! They were born in a sewer in front of my friend's and she rescued them. I couldn't resist. They aren't really cats. Jack likes to be worn in a sling and will climb up my leg to get in. He sleeps there all day long. They are toilet trained, also. I love them!!!

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    Everyone knows about my cat and his horrible litter habits now. Sigh. I'll go hide now.
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