View Poll Results: Poll: Did you lurk here for a while first, or jump in with both feet?

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  • I admit it I stalked you all for months!!

    14 22.95%
  • OK, so I was a lurker, but I was too busy to answer!

    6 9.84%
  • Jumped in the first day I found the site.

    25 40.98%
  • Starting answering posts when I found one that interested me.

    10 16.39%
  • Other

    6 9.84%
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Thread: Weekly Poll: Did you lurk here for a while first, or jump in with both feet?

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    Default Weekly Poll: Did you lurk here for a while first, or jump in with both feet?

    This week's poll question is courtesy of... raegan!

    Here is her whole weekly poll question~
    Did you lurk here for a while first, or jump in with both feet and start posting? (are you like that in other areas of life, too?)

    I am a jump in with both feet kind of gal, BIG surprise to anyone who knows me, LOL. I am like that in all parts of my life for the most part. Just ask hubby about the cement mixer in the backyard when he came home from work. But I needed a path for the boys to ride there scooters on, since we lived on a busy street! He asked, "Were you planning to do that today?" NOPE!

    SO, which are you?? Yes we are nosy, come on now and give us an answer!
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    To the best of my memory, I think I just jumped right in when I found this site and registered. Not sure if I had previously registered on the old site, too, and then went away for awhile. My memory's not that great though.
    Just call me Shoe...
    Previously homeschooled our son (now going to university) and daughter (now a senior in private school)

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    I was actually registered on the old site but there was a little bit of a gap where I didn't come often and somewhere in there is when the new site opened. I'm pretty sure I jumped in and posted as soon as I saw a post that I found interesting and had something relevant to say. I can't remember if I ever did a formal introduction post or not.
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    Hm, I basically started talking. I wasn't super talkative at the start, but neither was I a lurker. As time has gone on, I've become more active.
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    I read for a while. I was finding my feet with the whole HS thing and really just soaking up conversations and blogs, but I kept on reading things on here that I wanted to chip in on, and you all seemed quite friendly, so I overcame my natural reserve... quite successfully.
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    I'm naturally reluctant to just jump into things. Seriously...I'd been lurking here since the site started. Thankfully my kids do not seem to have that problem! I still don't post much, but I enjoy being a part of the community.
    Erin, mom to 5 boys (12, 9, 7, 4, 18 mos), manager of a small herd of cats and 2 dogs. Enjoying this whole crazy ride with my best friend.

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    Maybe not the first day, but pretty soon after!
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    Like Shoe, I was registered on the old site, but continued to post (albeit not that often) when it switched to the new.

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    I jumped in feet first and was very active THEN backed off.
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    I read for a day (five minutes here, five minutes there...) and then registered that night after the kids went to bed. I was really scared about hsing and the response I got to that first post was just so helpful. It was such a relief because I knew NOBODY who was hsing and we were already so stressed out from the school problerms. Now I am somewhat addicted I think. Even as we have slowly met other hsers here, I still feel a real need to come back to this site. There is just so much expertise here. Anytime I have needed help/advice/information I have gotten it. It has been invaluable.
    home schooling two dds 17(still waters) and 9(force of nature)

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