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    Default Are you religious (just secular in your homeschooling...) OR secular all the way,baby

    Yes this is a secular site, but as you all know that doesn’t mean that everyone here is secular in everything in their lives. So are you religious just not using religion based programs to teach everything? OR are you totally secular in all parts of your life including homeschooling?

    For me, it is that I grew up going to church with my mom, attending youth groups, camps, and even went to Christian school for my middle school years. After I got married, my husband and I struggled thinking that we just needed to find a church that was more us. But after a couple of years of trying to “fit” in we decided that it wasn’t as important to our lives as we were brought up to think it was. That's when we started our journey without religion governing how and why we did things.

    Fast forward to two wonderful boys later and starting to homeschool them, trying to find secular programs was like trying to find a needle in a haystack until I came across this site! So I am most definitely a secular homeschooler all the way baby

    But what about you?
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    we are religious and go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and any other time that they have programs that interest us. However I feel that most Christian based HS programs leave out way too much detail on how and why. They end back with God made it and that is all you really need to know. Well that is not all you need to know in my opinion.
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    I am very much atheist here, was raised Catholic. Husband is apathetic, came from a Buddhist home. My 8yo says he doesn't believe in god, my 5 yo has no opinion that I'm aware of.
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    I'm a freethinker (but I wasn't always, I used to be a RC but I'm better now), hubby is a militant RC.

    I do 99.9% of our son's schooling, it is 100% secular. I believe in inoculation rather than indoctrination. I believe that sonny should know about all religions, the good, the bad, and also how divisive they are. Hubby insists that he gets a religious education so he hauls him off to "faith formation" every Sunday at church and sonny attends mass with his dad. Sonny is 14 and doesn't believe in the supernatural. He is a grounded realist believing instead in the natural world. He tells me he only attends to "keep dad off my ass." On Mondays we always discuss what occurred in "faith formation." I use the Socratic method and let sonny analyze it and pull it apart trying to find the logic in what was taught. The conclusion is usually "FAIL" and the twisted dogmatic christian logic gives us cause to laugh. He has grown up with two opposing views and has been allowed and encouraged to seek other views and to investigate other religions and philosophies (mostly by me). He has confessed to me and his sister that he doesn't believe in any god, they are just wishful thinking by those who are rational about every other aspect of their lives but not about their religious views. He lumps his father in that category. Hubby made church optional for our daughter upon her 18th birthday and she said, "not only no but hell no! I don't believe and never have." Sonny said he will follow suit behind his older sister and inform his dad once he is 18 so he can finally stop wasting his time in church. For this he can not wait but has four more years to go.

    So secular homeschooling just isn't my choice, it is my son's choice as well.
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    Hmm I think I should have answered "Other" and not "Totally". I do use a completely secular programs but I am Catholic and we occasionally go to church. I also believe in learning about other religions - right now it's Buddhism which fascinates me. I also have a bible in my classroom area but I see the bible as being a book of fiction and I'd like my DD to use it as a piece of literature not the gospel truth.

    My DH is non everything. He was brought up Christian though his mom hopped from one belief to another - she's now Pentecostal I believe. He hated Christian school and finally got her to let him to go PS (he still hated it but at least he didn't get spanked by teachers). My DD is Catholic but does occasionally go to church with her grandmother. Her assessment on the church is they are all crazy people but the kids are generally ok and they feed them sugary juice and cookies and they get prizes for being "good for God" so she thinks it's a pretty sweet deal!

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    I think we defy explanations. I would take it so far as to say, politically, I am an atheist, but when it comes to homeschooling and raising my kids, secular. If we look at religion, then it's the philosophy and politics of various religions, if we look at the other aspects of it, we consider that paranormal. I am not sure you can classify that as purely scientific, but it sure isn't based on dogmatic belief either. And since most the paranormal stuff people "believe in" is historical in nature, that tends to circle round back to politics and crowd control. Perhaps someone taking advantage of large numbers of people not understanding basic natural processes, use of hallucinogens, or [fill in the blank]. --Its more complicated than this, but my lack of coffee precludes me from making any sense this early in the morning.

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    Completely secular. I was raised a Protestant, so when we started out, I thought I'd add an occasional bible lesson since we didn't attend church (never found one that fit with our more liberal leanings). That didn't last long. Too many things have turned me off of religion, and I've gone from believing to being comfortable as an atheist-leaning agnostic (hey, it takes me a while to make up my mind sometimes!). We've toyed with the idea of going to a Unitarian church so that the kids can be exposed to different religions and can make up their own minds, but haven't made that step yet. In the meantime, we have several books around here comparing different religions if they ever show any interest. So far, none of them have.
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    I was raised religious left - in a very liberal, gay wedding blessing, social justice seeking, Baptist church. We go to a Unitarian church now. It's also a liberal, "we're trying to create the beloved community right here!" kind of place. The UU's aren't exactly where I am in my belief system, but our community is great. I really like our church and so do the kids.

    My reasons for choosing homeschooling have very, very little to do with religion. I will say I don't like the way religion is dealt with in schools - either with disrespect and dismissal or with diversity-blind fundamentalists championing it. I can't imagine using any religious curriculum - it's all from a religious perspective I don't agree with.
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    We religious and spiritual, but our homeschooling is completely secular. I do use "Circle Round" with my son, but that's only 8 times a year for holidays. As far as teaching him about Paganism, it's just not part of our home education.
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    I'm a Christian, raised in a mainstream Protestant church (United Church of Canada), switched to an Anglican/Episcopal church many years ago, but haven't been a church goer at all for the last 8 years. I still hold my beliefs fairly strongly, though, but I don't feel the need to try and impose them on anyone else. My wife is a non-church going Roman Catholic. The first year I homeschooled, I used a Christian boxed curriculum-I knew others who used and liked it, and I needed something ready made quickly-and last year, we used a combination of secular and Christian materials. This year, we're pretty much completely secular in our curriculum, except for one religion course that we're kind of doing. Last year, I tried to cover the basics of the major religions with the kids, as religion is a big part of human history (both the good and the bad) and a large part of many peoples' lives throughout the world.

    I'm not offended by Christian materials and I have no objection to including them in our curriculum by any means, but I don't want my kids short changed, especially in the area of science, by including only such material. Nor would I object/have I objected to including information about other religions in my curriculum.

    But we are not homeschooling for religious reasons-our decision to educate at home was based on the public school not meeting the academic needs of my son, and its inability to prevent my daughter from constant bullying. We probably follow fairly closely to the public school curriculum in content.
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