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  • New Curriculum Choice

    26 45.61%
  • New Online Program/Site

    6 10.53%
  • Adding More Field Trips

    8 14.04%
  • Co-op classes

    9 15.79%
  • Camps/Sports, etc

    3 5.26%
  • Staying at home more!

    5 8.77%
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    Default Weekly Poll: What are you looking forward to this next year?

    For me it is a combination of adding new curricula (along with our favorite old ones) and planning out some fun field trips again. Our first year I did so many field trips to any and every where that our homeschool group planned. To say the least I got burned out on being gone all the time. Last year it was signing up for too many classes for the boys!

    So this year I am exciting about starting a new curriculum that I will be supplementing with our Time4learning lessons and tons of field trips for the youngest. My oldest aged out of Time4learning bummer for me! So since he is going to be in 9th grade we are doing unit studies on different types of animal for his Animal biology,co-op classes, and field trips for anything that we are doing unit studies on!

    What have you added that you are excited about?
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    Same here! Math Mammoth would be the curriculum.

    (in interest of full disclosure...I'm most looking forward to getting our portfolios out of the way so that the pressure of all of that can go away and we can START the new curriculum without me exploding)
    Our style is mostly eclectic and extremely relaxed.
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    I answered new curriculum choice because I decided to add MCT and will also start doing more with my younger son. But really for me it's not being a first year homeschooler anymore. Not that that makes it easier, but just different. I'm won't be nearly as overwhelmed with curricula choices because we already have things that work for us.
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    I am excited about our curriculum! This will be our first full year homeschooling and we'll be using a third grade Calvert curriculum for both girls - kind of a base of instruction. Then we have supplements to challenge our older daughter and more basic materials for our baby (Critical Thinking, MBtP, EvanMoore). Plus, we purchased a membership at a local aquarium and are scheduled for monthly science programs; the girls can't wait! They also can't wait to start a typing program (which I still need to buy). I haven't made a final decision on a grammar program yet (leaning toward Voyages in English...with Analytical Grammar or MCT a close second). Our oldest wants to start school on Monday; if only mom was ready!!!

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    This will be our first year of official school, so I'm excited about all of it! Like, maybe kinda sort a lil bit way TOO excited!

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    I answered most of them but only sports was counted. I'm excited for the whole thing, honestly. In our new area, we'll get to be part of a co-op (yippeee!), have tons of field trip opportunities, enjoy limitless sports and other activities, and my son is ecstatic to finally be studying chemistry. It's going to be a crazy busy year I think, just how we like it , getting used to our new community, making new friends, exploring the gorgeous area, marveling that we really get to live there ( )...oh yeah, there is A LOT of excitement in our family right now!
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    We are just beginning to homeschool my 7 yr old and I'm most excited about Nature Journaling (like Darwin, sketching the plants, taking pictures, looking them up and labeling them when we get home, using field guides), learning US History by studying explorers and inventors (history will be combined with science and literature), doing science experiments, art projects, and especially learning to build things for both practical purposes and as "sculpture." We just bought the Geekling a set of real tools for his birthday, so as soon as we get our woodshop set up, he'll have appliances and electronics to take apart, wood scraps and other materials to build with, boxes, cans, wire, and other things to invent and build with, and his "Snap Circuits" set that helps him learn about electricity, circuits, motors, batteries, solar power, etc. I can incorporate a lot of learning into our little Inventor's Shop, the possibilities are limitless! It might seem a little crazy to let a 7 yr old use power tools (supervised of course) but I think it will pay off in a big way! Here is the video and blog article about how we decided to let our kid play with power tools and why!

    He just finished a week at Camp Invention and is excited to start creating and using the skills he learned at camp!
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    I'm excited about finally going rogue with homeschooling. We did virtual academy for a couple years, and we LOVED the curriculum, but not the state administration/requirements. This year we are on our own! MCT, Singapore, and MM are on tap! We can't wait for August 15th!

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    I'm mostly excited about the co-ops because last year, my daughter was just a year too young for a whole bunch of them in our local group. I'm anxious for the new co-ops to be listed so I can figure out which ones we'll be able to participate in.
    Mini Riceball - 9 years old, 4th grade with an ecclectic mix

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    I answered staying at home more not for me really, being a SAHM and all, but for my kids. This being our first year on the homeschooling journey, I'll just be happy to get started before I go insane thinking about it. However, we are still a month away. We have to move first UGH!!
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