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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you think every state should open extracurricular activities to us?

    Well I couldn't get my whole question in the title, but this question is one that I feel very strongly about! " Do you think every state should open extracurricular activities ,including sports, to homeschoolers?

    This topic is one that I hear a lot when I look at our forum and others that I frequent, some homeschoolers are totally for it and others want nothing to do with the schools at all!

    My very personal option is... I think that because I pay taxes for the schools, we should be allowed to take any classes this includes the specials and extracurricular activities. One such class that I know my oldest really wanted to take was shop class, for what ever reason, he really wanted to take it. Being a person who likes to do woodworking(even if I am not the best at it!) I have given him "lessons" on the different machines we have here at home. He has done a couple of small projects BUT nothing like the shop class does in regular school.

    I know that not all states offer this to homeschoolers, so I was wondering how you felt about this topic?
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    I think we should have access to classes at the public school, since we do pay taxes to support them. However, I also feel that the schools would have to have very little in the way of regulation for allowing homeschoolers to take classes. Otherwise, it would be more hassle than it's worth.

    I really think that the best option, though, would be for every city to have those opportunities available to the entire community. Sports leagues through the park district, community orchestras/choirs (somewhere other than at churches), community theater, etc. would be preferable to involvement with the local school district. Having quality classes for art, shop, foreign language, music, available to the whole community, at an affordable price, would be great.

    We have some classes available to the community, but most are overpriced for the little you get. The only choirs I can find are through churches. That really sucks, because dd loves to sing & would really benefit from being in a choir. Luckily, dh & I have enough knowledge & experience, in enough areas, that we can get them a decent foundation. After that, though, I think we'll have to sign them up for some classes at the local CC.

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    I say yes, wholeheartedly! Right now we live overseas, but when my husband's enlistment ends and we purchase a home in the U.S. in a couple of years, I would very much appreciate my son having the option to participate in local public school extracurricular activities (if that is what he wants to do).
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    Of course.

    But that doesn't mean I think we should necessarily take advantage of it.
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    What Farrar said. But I don't want any rules or regs attached to it. I guess the pie and eating it adage comes to mind.

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    I voted "yes". I am lucky in that mine does. Both sons take hiphop dance and crosscountry through the district.


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    I voted yes as well, though I'm not sure how eager I'd be to take advantage of it right now. It would still be nice to know the option is there. I also wouldn't want to see any new state wide regulations added but if each school had a few rules for participation I don't think that would be uncalled for. And by the school having rules I mean, if they already have an attendance rule for the class or activity then apply that homeschoolers as well and if they have grade requirements either ask for grades from the parents (the homeschool teachers) or a signed letter saying the child is "passing." I don't think there should be any extra wacky rules for homeschoolers though.
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    Yep, but not at the expense of our freedom to educate. So that's a ditto to what everyone else has said. Our district allows high schoolers to participate but not elementary. I'd like to see it opened up to the younger kids.
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    Our district is losing all extra curricular activity year by year...not sure if there will be anything for my children to actually participate in!
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    I voted "other" because I don't necessarily want to follow the rules and regulations they school district would have to put in place to make it everything fair across the board for all students. On the other hand I pay taxes and feel I should get something out of the school portion even if I believe I need to pay my fair share to educate, however badly that may be, the children of my community.

    I can't imagine too many people on this forum saying they want their local school districts to interfere with their personal learning plan but I guess we'll see what the results say. I like what Brandi said about it being a whole community approach.
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Weekly Poll: Do you think every state should open extracurricular activities to us?