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  • Youngling aka 0-1 year

    22 26.51%
  • Youngling aka 1-2 years

    14 16.87%
  • Padawan aka 2-3 years

    13 15.66%
  • Padawan aka 3-4 years

    9 10.84%
  • Jedi Knight aka 5-6 years

    6 7.23%
  • Jedi Master aka 7-8 years

    11 13.25%
  • Jedi Grand Master aka 9+ years

    8 9.64%
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    Default Weekly Poll: How long have you been homeschooling?

    We have had a lot of newbies to the site come on as of late and introduce themselves. We have gotten new members who are just starting their journeys and others that have been doing it forever! I thought that this might be a fun way to find out about our average homeschooling years as a group.

    For me, since beginning this adventure it has been 4 years, even though it feels like we have been doing it for much longer! Mostly because we are schooling year round and it feels like we are always learning something new. The adventure of homeschooling to me is one that I wish I had started sooner but I am so glad that I realized I could do this wonderful thing for my boys. The most rewarding part of all of this, is to be able to be with my boys all the time(even if I say otherwise sometimes, LOL)and watch them mature and learn and become passionate about what they love.
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    I said 7-8 years, because this summer marked the beginning of our 8th year 'officially' homeschooling. However, I've been homeschooling since dd was born, even though I didn't realize that until we made it 'official,' even while dd was in private pre-K and public Kinder. So, that would make it 13 years technically.

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    I can't decide if I'm a "youngling" or a "padawan"....because I've finished 2 years but I suck at math. (Shh-don't tell the non-homeschoolers)
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    I'm considering this our start of our 3rd year, though we weren't official until Kindergarten. I did make the decision to "try out" homeschooling with Pre-K.
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    First our daughter out of necessity, now our son because it's what's best for him. (there are 12 years differences in their ages - just get one graduated then I had to start all over again with the next one!).

    So I marked Jedi Grand Master. Too many years to count now.
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    This is hard for me to answer because I started unschooling my son 20 years ago (not knowing there was a term for it). However, I have been officially homeschooling since September 2005.

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    Officially this will be our 8th year if I'm counting up from K.

    I'm burned out. Yeehaw.
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    How do you define the start? We're finishing first grade, so in that sense two years. But my kids haven't ever been to school... so in that sense coming up on seven years.
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    Woohoo, I'm a Jedi Master, my boy will be pleased! Halfway through our 8th year of formal homeschooling.

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    We are entering our fifth year!

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