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    Default Weekly Poll: How much time you spend on social media,forums and other sites each day?

    Well, I spend way more time than I would like to admit on social media sites, forums and just plain researching educational sites for my kiddos every day! I was wondering, how much time you all as adults spend on the internet?? I can find a whole afternoon gone before I know it when I looking for just the right site for something for the boys' unit studies! Just last week I was spending about 2 hours a day looking for any and every site I could find on Little House in the Big Woods for my youngest first MBTP unit study that we are starting in July. So how about you? Should we set up a help group for those of us with this addiction? LOL

    FYI~ "Social media" includes blogging, reading other people's blogs, Facebook, Myspace, etc., Twitter, and Digg .
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    31 minutes to an hour for me, especially in the summer. Too busy with the kids, yardwork, my own classwork, and running everybody around. Headed out today at 9 am, essentially not home to stay until 10 pm tonight.

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    I have no idea. I leave things like Facebook just open on my computer all day. If I'm on the computer, I'm usually using it for something else (writing, looking stuff up, watching TV, etc.) but it's there, so I'll glance at things every little bit for a few minutes to break things up.
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    I chose 31-60 minutes. It could get closer to 1.5 hours on some days.

    I enjoy Twitter and FB to stay in touch with friends and family, and promote my books, but I definitely limit my use. Most of my friends on Steam pester me to get on and chat more often. However, as long as my friends and family know that I'm safe and happy, I really don't see the need to do much else on social networking sites. I check the SHS forums 3 times a day to keep up with things, but I don't linger here or at FB. Though I might do that in spurts - yesterday, I spent about an hour finding new and interesting people to follow on Twitter. But that is definitely not an everyday thing.
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    I get up early, around 5:30, so I can spend an hour or so of uninterrupted time looking at my "necessary" blogs, newspapers etc before everyone else wakes up. I check in here frequently throughout the day but rarely spend more than a minute or few at a time, unless DS is seriously entertaining himself somehow. I don't do FB, Twitter or any social media at all.

    It looks like things are about to get busy around here though, so even the time I do spend will probably be very limited while we make a big life change.
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    ha! i put over 3 hours....but it's because for 7 hours a day I'm at work and always have google reader opened. However, when I'm not at work I probably spend 15 minutes online a day.
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    1-2 hours give or take an hour, depends on the weather, work schedules, school schedules, chores, activities, my mood, blah blah blah, you know the routines.
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    It varies pretty wildly. DH and I skype during the day so if there's some discussion going on, or he's out of the country, that will be for awhile. I am on for about an hour in the morning while I eat breakfast and wake up with my tea. Another 1/2 hour or so at lunch time. Depends on the weather, how the kids are behaving, how tired I am.

    I usually start with checking my email. Then I may look at my bank accounts, Facebook for a few minutes, my blog to look at my reader list of other blogs I keep up on, this forum, then finish up with a different forum. How long that takes depends on if there's anything unusual going on. I don't twitter and I never heard of Steam.
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    Way too much I'm good at doing no media, and good at doing lots of media and hopeless at being moderate. I have to set a timer.

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    I'm badly addicted . . . I probably spend at least an hour catching up on my sites and my games . . . In the morning, when school ends, and after the kids go to bed. I know I should cut back, but it's my regroup time . . . I get so overwhelmed sometimes, sometimes I'm too sick to do much else. Definitely my Achilles heel.
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