View Poll Results: What is your all time favorite secular curriculum?

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  • Abbington Hill School

    0 0%
  • Connect the Thoughts

    1 2.44%
  • K12

    1 2.44%
  • Keystone National

    0 0%
  • Laurel Springs

    0 0%
  • Moving Beyond the Page

    6 14.63%
  • Oak Meadow

    2 4.88%
  • Time4Learning

    12 29.27%
  • Wilostar 3D

    0 0%
  • Other

    19 46.34%
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    Default Weekly Poll: What is your all time favorite secular curriculum?

    Well this might be a bit hard for us to decide on just one right? But try and think
    of your favorite secular curriculum or program that you use or have used.
    I have to admit that I don't know them all so I have a feeling the poll
    will be a high percentage of others. I am thinking that this poll will really help
    anyone who is on the fence about what to use for next year.(especially if you tell us all why you love your fav.) And please these are just a list of some all-in-one curriculum so if you use something say if you love SpellingCity or something else please check other. Then tell us about what it is and why you love it in the comments section below
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    I pretty much only use T4L at this point so I guess I had to be biased! I read on this forum all the different things people are doing but to be Frank (or Shirley..hehehe) I can't afford to pay much of anything for curriculum. Even adding $30. to our monthly budget isn't possible and my husband goes all green when he sees the great new curriculum idea I have costs ONLY $275.00! He's then very happy when I order a couple of used books from Amazon for $14.00 (you got to pick your battles).

    T4L gives us the basics then I can jump off and try to find other stuff on the web or at the library. Right now we're taking a break from the T4L Math portion as my DD just didn't like it but all in all for the price I'm confident she's learning something. She's a big reader so the L/A portion works great for us as I can tie it into books our library has or some great alternates that make sense.

    Is Netflix considered curriculum? LOL
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    T4L all the way here!
    I love and depend on it being our main curriculum so I can be at ease that my kids are getting an education and then I get to add the fun stuff that we want to study!
    I keep hoping that they add a high school curriculum ASAP because my boys are in 7th and 8th grade right now.......
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    Other. In fact, almost every one of those options was considered at some point, but I decided against for various reasons.

    I don't know that I could choose just one favorite thing. It would probably be one of the foreign language programs, simply because they let me teach a subject I wouldn't be able to teach otherwise (plus, I get to learn new languages with them).

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    I haven't even heard of some of the options listed but I'm not really interested in a all-in-one curriculum at this point. I don't know if I ever will be since ds is all over as far as grade-level is concerned.

    What I like so far and think we will probably continue using long-term: All About Spelling and Real Science Odyssey. We just started Math Mammoth but it looks great. What I like for now but will probably switch later: Handwriting without tears.
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    The library.

    Those are all multi-subject curricula, right? We don't use any one thing for more than one subject and I doubt we ever will. I've never heard of Wilostar or Abbington Hill School. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have even answered this poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farrarwilliams View Post
    The library.
    Yeah, basically that.

    My favorite multi-subject secular curriculum is the one that develops in my brain by taking all the less-religious parts of other curricula that appeals to me and glomping them together.
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    I voted for Moving Beyond the Page because it is the one we chose to use for this upcoming year out of the all the ones we looked at, but we are just getting started with it so not sure if that really counts?
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    Definitely T4L. That program saved our homeschool and my son learns and retains what he learns from it. So far, I haven't supplemented much except with MUS, but that will change starting next year. It's great for a predominantly visual child who needs repetition and consistency, like my son.

    Out of curiosity, why wasn't Calvert included?
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    I'm thinking this poll was supossed to be your favorite all-in-one curriculum? But dispite the fact that my 7 yo likes T4L, i would NOT consider it my fave. I think MCT is my fave . .. even if i dont end up being able to use much of it. Its just so lovely.
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