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  • We are really ENJOYING homeschooling so far this year

    23 58.97%
  • We have found a curriculum that really fits our family

    16 41.03%
  • We've had some really great field trips

    9 23.08%
  • The kids are surpassing my academic expectations

    17 43.59%
  • Our family has really bonded so far this year

    15 38.46%
  • We've found some great local secular homeschooling support

    7 17.95%
  • Other (please respond in the comments)

    2 5.13%
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    Default Weekly Poll: What is going RIGHT so far this homeschooling year?

    I don't know about you, but I've been feeling a little bummed lately. With birds falling out of the sky, dreary weather, and a few moments of backsliding on my new year's resolution today, I need some positive energy heading my way.

    So this week, I thought we'd look at what is working RIGHT for us thus far this school year.

    For our family, it is definitely our science program. My two high schoolers are both THRILLED with studying chemistry this time around, and we've had so much fun with our chemistry kit this year. As we ran a current through a salt solution this morning, and made chlorine gas bubble around a carbon rod, my normally laid-back young men practically squealed with excitement. Those are the moments that make homeschooling SO worthwhile for me.

    What about you? What's going RIGHT in your neck of the woods?

    (you may choose more than one option in this poll)
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    I'm feeling pretty excited because this week so far (ok, 3 days) of my new schedule have gone REALLY well! The boys are enjoying the work i'm giving them, and while they complain as always when i tell them its time to turn off electronics and do school, they actually dont complain once they've started the work at ALL - they are able to stay focused and happy until its done. And we are getting much more done than we did the first half of the year.

    I am also really really pleased about how math is going w my older one. Last year we tried maybe 4 different things and mostly got frustrated. We are using Singapore New Syllabus, and I've learned better how to stay with him at his level and support rather than express frustration. today he only did one problem and it took 15 minutes and I had to walk him through checking to find his error (all were positive/negative errors or simple math errors) . . .but that problem was "Subtract the sum of (2X^2 - 7X +4) and (5X - 4X^3 + 7) from the sum of (3X^2 - 8X + 9) and (15 - 4X - 3X^3) . . . . We have come SOOO far!! Even for him to be able to sit down and write it down . . he did everything but the error-fixing alone.

    We also are really enjoying the MCT still. I got such a kick monday - he had to look at a line of poetry and say what kind of foot and how many feet. At first I really had to show him how to count it, but by the time we were 2/3 throught it, he said "I'm getting good at this!" I love seeing this confidence!

    The younger one I think is finally showing more readiness - he is still not doing enough, but he is so much more willing to do his work than he was a year ago.
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    Maybe it's because we've had a really good week so far (or maybe it's the caffeine talking), but I checked them all off. We're not without our struggles, but overall I feel like our first year of homeschooling is going really well. Our Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum is a great fit for both kids and we've read some wonderful books. I never would have guessed that a six-year-old would get excited when I brought out the next installment of the story of the Britons vs. the Saxons. My five-year-old daughter (who, because she has a September birthday, wouldn't be allowed to start public school kindergarten until this coming fall) is already doing first grade work. The town recently mailed out kindergarten registration dates and I deep sixed those puppies without a second thought. I feel like the kids are forming a close bond, which they wouldn't if they were in school, where kids are taught that they can only socialize with kids their own age. We have a very supportive homeschooling community in our area which we are finally starting to tap into. Today we spent a fun two hours at our town library playing board games with about 20 other homeschooled kids. Homeschooling and life are pretty good right now!
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    I've been just enjoying homeschooling and all it's perks so much. We just came off our two week break and I was worried that getting back to the routine would be hard but it's turned out great and DS7 has had a really great attitude these last few days. I even seem to be a bit more relaxed after the break. Today DS was goofing off all over the place which would normally drive me crazy but somehow we managed to get through it with patience mostly intact. We are just starting a 2nd grade grammar program and I'm starting to get him to write just a bit more which is a hurdle he seems to be meeting head on so far. He did a great job on today's writing assignment and did it in just 10 minutes when I had planned on 30 minutes for procrastination and guidance. It's great to see what he can do on a good day and know that I'm really not asking too much of him most of the time.

    And now that I've said this tomorrow will be the day from hell
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    Aside from social studies (although we may soon have that covered too, fingers crossed), we've pretty much settled on our 3rd grade curricula, which was something we never quite did in 2nd grade last year. So I'm happy about that. Makes things much smoother to plan.
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    Well, we are really enjoying all of our new curriculum. Although, with the Apocalypse clearly on it's way, what with all of the dead fish and birds and such, I'm ready to say to heck with it all and take the trip of a lifetime with the credit cards.

    For real though, we are enjoying the new schedule and curriculum that we put into place this week. I feel like I made some choices that are going to work well with our family long-term. And now that we've adjusted more to homeschooling things are feeling less crazy and more fun and peaceful.

    One really, truly wonderful thing is how well my daughter, Gwen, has changed with homeschooling. While in ps she had developed issues with a lack of confidence and she was becoming increasingly withdrawn and shy. She was having trouble with her learning and seemed to be falling further and further behind. Now in the short time that we've been hsing she has been coming out of her shell more and more. I've been told multiple times in the past few weeks that she is talking a lot more and seems happier. Even my overly critical mom said this, and she also said that all of my kids seem happier and calmer.

    We are really loving homeschooling.
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    My kids have surpassed my expectations (and also the expectations of the local school district curriculum ). My daughter is reading at a 3rd grade level, her math skills have really picked up and she seems to be enjoying all the curriculum we picked out. My 2 year old son has learned all his shapes and colors and can count to 3. I feel like we are headed in a really good direction!

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    Pretty much everything is going right for us this year. Most of the materials Dea is using, aren't new to us, so we knew they'd work. This is our first year with LOF for Math & it's by far the best Math curriculum we've found. The materials I bought for Jay are working great, as well. I design our curriculum (some I piece together, some I create), and that is still working perfectly for us.
    The 6 month break from 'formal schooling' has turned into us testing a series of schedules to find the best schedule for each of them. That is actually working well for them, as they are really enjoying having the control of choosing the schedule they like best.
    Jay is loving every subject he's doing. Dea is finally getting an appreciation for Latin & seems to finally be gaining an appreciation for Math (she still hates it, buts is putting in more effort). Academically, they're both doing fantastic.
    We've had to make minor changes, but I'd still say things are going great!

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    I voted for the right curriculum and that we're really enjoying it so far. The first couple days this week (after a month long break) went really well and I've been completely giddy about it. I'm feeling prepared and inspired and DS was full of energy again and eager to get to work. was awful. Math, which he usually loves, took 2 1/2 hours to get through (should have taken about 20 minutes) so that threw our entire day off. I had to take our hockey date away as a result and that ended up in tears, and on and on. I'm confident that it was just a little bump in the road though. Overall it's really working for us and I'm feeling like we're finding our groove. My goal for the rest of the year is to get a structured daily rhythm down that leaves plenty of room for flexibility, and I feel that we'll be successful. Starting 2011 strong!
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    I ticked 'other'.

    1. I found this forum! It has made a huge difference to me having some secular support, even if it isn't irl.
    2. We've found good Latin programs.
    3. DD 13 has adapted to her more demanding Yr 7 maths and is working steadily and happily, after initial tears and discouragement.
    4. Ds is doing well socially, which is a relief to me after one dd being super shy and the other dd being super out there and caught up in dramas. Ds is a nice middle - for now, at least!
    5. We have super nice neighbours all up and down this street who are polite and respectful about h/s, and who employ my dd's and are a wonderful part of our lives at home.

    Oh, I could go on and on Which I totally should later, because it is a very good exercise thinking about what is going well instead of always focusing on the things that need work.

    Shana, I feel happy for you and your daughter that she is feeling happier
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