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  • No, my spouse/partner leaves the homeschooling completely up to me.

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  • I do most of the homeschooling, but my spouse/partner occasionally contributes.

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  • My spouse/partner and I share the homeschooling responsibilities equally.

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  • We are unschoolers and let the children guide their own learning.

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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you and your spouse/partner share homeschooling responsibilities?

    Tomorrow is a homeschool "vacation day" for us, not just because it is a traditional American holiday, but because the hubster will be home. And strangely, when my husband is around, we tend to want to goof off. My significant other is an obsessive outdoorsman. So, on those rare weekdays when he is off work, we tend to head out into the great outdoors and explore stuff. We take day trips to state parks, hikes near and far, and nature walks almost anywhere, and I've always thought that was just as vital a part of my children's education as the time they spent doing "formal learning." For that reason, even though he isn't drilling them in grammar or checking their Spanish, I still think of him as an equal partner in this adventure.

    What about you? How do you feel about the contribution of your spouse/partner in your day-to-day homeschooling?
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    I do most of the research, planning and obsessing, plus I'm home during the day so most of the responsibilities fall on me. However, DH is always interested in what we're doing, what I'm planning, how our day went, etc and plays an active role that way. If I want help planning something out--a history unit, say--he'll always chime in and always offers great insight. Before DS started taking guitar lessons, I vocally defaulted practice time and supplementary lessons to DH. I'm happy to take him to practice and listen politely but I can't help with the actual practicing and DH has at least a little knowledge in that area under his belt. DS also wants to start taking French, and since DH took French all through university it will default to him as well.

    Of course there is so much more to homeschooling than just academics, and DH is absolutely an equal partner in teaching him all manners of things outside of our basic subjects. He is always involved and full of encouragement and 100% supportive. I voted "I do most of the homeschooling, but my spouse/partner occasionally contributes" but now I realize maybe it should have been "My spouse/partner and I share the homeschooling responsibilities equally".
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    I oversee most everything - I pick curricula, I oversee assessment, I carry out most of the nuts and bolts of what's going on day to day. But, dh coaches our DI team with me and he's planning on co-directing our Shakespeare production. He has strange hours and works a strange schedule, so he often takes the kids to activities and knows all our homeschool friends very well. He takes them on field trips pretty regularly. He reads to them often. Also, he's home in the morning, so if we get stuck or I need to run off to take care of something or someone needs individual attention for a few minutes, then he's there and can step in. He's really, to my mind, the perfect homeschool support.
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    I wouldn't say we split it 50/50, but I'd say his help is more than occasional. As in the rest of our life, we each have our responsibilities. He has his strengths & I have mine. I do most of the homeshcooling. I do all the research and have final say on materials. I'm the one that sets the school budget each year, determines if we can afford to go over it, and decides what materials are highest priority to purchase. I do all the planning and most of the teaching/facilitating/guiding.
    We split covering Life Skills - I have sole charge of cooking/baking, organizing, child development & care, and sewing; hubby has sole charge of car maint; and we split grilling, yard work, cleaning, woodwork, and home maint.
    For Music, I'm in charge of history, appreciation (though he regularly chips in) & singing, and he handles the more practical aspects (like theory & playing instruments).
    For Math, we both work with Dea. I've tried giving it over totally to hubby, because he likes Math & did more Math classes in school than I did. He just gets too frustrated with Dea, though. So we have to kind of tag team Math with her. I pretty much do all the Math work with Jay right now, but intend to pass it to hubby once Jay hits Pre-Algebra or Algebra. Since Jay enjoys Math, hubby shouldn't get as frustrated working with him.
    With all the other subjects, I'm mainly the one working with the kids, but hubby jumps in with his ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and does projects & experiments with them, when he has time.
    I'd say it's more like 75/25.

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    My ex-husband and I share the homeschooling responsibilities equally. When our son is living with him (as he is currently), my ex handles the teaching. And, of course, when our son is living with me, I do it. Though I do plan out the year, the curriculum, lessons, etc.
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    I discuss curriculum choices with my husband, and talk about what we do, but I do all the teaching when it comes to the curriculum though. He is really good for teaching her some things when he cooks and he's always willing to answer her questions and explain things to her.
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    I do most of the teaching on weekdays, though my husband will read to the kids or get one to read to him at bed time some nights. On the weekends he takes them hiking at wildlife sanctuaries, teaches them a little Latin (well, he tries to!), reads them Bible stories, and generally talks their ears off about whatever random subject comes up (WWII, Marco Polo, you name it!). The structured learning is my forte, whereas my husband is better at the spontaneous learning and field trips. He is also fluent in Latin and has a better understanding of higher level math, chemistry and physics than I do, so he will likely be more involved for those subjects later on.
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    I do all the traditional type schooling. I pick out the curriculum but I usually discuss it with him and tell him how much I'm spending.

    We tend to skip our usual school stuff when he is home but he plays lots of games with the kids - way more than I do. Most of these are educational games, especially at this age so I count this as helping with school.
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    My husband is my sounding board when needed for curriculum choice. He sometimes does some reading w ds 7. He sometimes helps a little w ds 14's math. He sometimes lets ds 7 show him what he's doing on T4L to encourage him. he watched one of our 'walking w dino' episodes. Its clearly my job but he lends a hand here and there when it makes sense.

    I also thought there should have been something between 'occasional' and 50/50. Such as partner has full responsibility for portions of home school but i do more than half.
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    My wife and I split activities but it's hard to pin down how much each of us does as it varies a lot and often as our schedules permit. But I chose 50/50 as over time I'm sure it works out that way. I did more last year but she's done more this year.
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