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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you take a lot of time off during the holidays?

    Well, Halloween is almost over and that means we have November and December ahead of us!

    That is what is considered the Holiday season, no matter what or how you celebrate.
    We have a big family Thanksgiving in another State and we have a nice intimate Christmas at home.

    Plus my son's birthday and friend's birthdays and.... the list goes on.
    Do we take time off during the holidays? YES

    We do take the WHOLE week of Thanksgiving off. We are only home 2 days, not worth trying to concentrate as we are packing, finishing last minute things because we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with that side of the family while together.
    And we take 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year's. Too many things going down to worry about school. Mom cannot concentrate on it all.

    So, what do you do?
    Do you take a lot of time off during the holidays?
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    The week of thanksgiving in my son's birthday, my sister's birthday, my first nephew is due, and thanksgiving. we are taking that WHOLE week off! Christmas is not quite as crazy but we have Christmas, my father in law's birthday, new years, and my dad's birthday. One right after the other. We are planning to take most of between Christmas and New Years off as well. Plus we will hopefully be closing on our new house between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so it plans to be a wild WILD holiday season here!

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    We take a week off for Thanksgiving to travel to the other coast and see DH's side of the family and some friends. We will be back home on December 1st and I plan on having a lot of learning time until mid-January when we will take a 2-week tropical vacation. What else is there to do in December for us?! We do not do Christmas, all of the activities and therapies are canceled, and the weather is usually pretty bad - wet and cold. So we snuggle up at home, away from all the craziness, and learn and play.
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    We take 3 days off for Thanksgiving and a couple of weeks for Xmas. We tend to have quiet, calm holidays so we don't necessarily need all the prep time (gift shopping, baking, cleaning, visiting, etc.).

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    I really don't like Thanksgiving and we refuse to travel for the holidays so its just us and we prepare a small meal, ham and just a couple of side dishes. Even did Shabu shabu (japanese) one year. I hate making a turkey and refuse to to do it. So no, we don't take much time off at all. We're actually holding an archery tournament the Sunday after T-day, toys for tots thing for 4H. Over xmas my kids hate the long break because no science classes means no friends coming over but since many of them do travel or have family not much I can do about that. So we do take a week around xmas and just hang at home but its the minimum.
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    We usually take the week of Thanksgiving off, and 2 weeks over Christmas. However, during that time we often have educational activities with our homeschool group, and we do some educational projects/trips. Depending on what we do, and if DS does a little math during that day, I sometimes don't "count" it as a day off (I have to show 180 days of school in my state.)
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    We also take the week of Thanksgiving off and 2 weeks around Christmas/New Years. We travel too much during that time to try to stay focused on school

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    Since I have a kiddo in PS, we tend to take off when he is home. It gives us a framework, but we are certainly not opposed to taking DS13 out for vacation - I refuse to vacation by the PS schedule. We don't have any trips planned this holiday so we will just take off the days he is off.
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    We school all year with 2 long breaks a year (winter, summer). I have us down for 2 days at Thanksgiving, but 3 weeks off at Christmas / New Year.

    I look at it more as an educational shift. We'll still be learning, but it won't involve opening any books or accomplishing any specific tasks, and there will be plenty of media gluttony lazy days.
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    I guess it depends on what you call "a lot." Thanksgiving is in October here, and it's not a big event, so we're really just talking about Christmas. I usually find that we're very busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so we don't get as much done. We kind of switch to a "minimum" schedule for a couple of weeks, then about 2 weeks off at Christmas. We have many parties and events at that time of year - between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, we usually have 6 or 7 special events. By January 2, I'm desperate for normalcy.

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Weekly Poll: Do you take a lot of time off during the holidays?