View Poll Results: Have you ever considered starting your own secular homeschool support group?

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  • I have considered it, but couldn't get anyone to come.

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Thread: Weekly Poll: Have you ever considered starting your own secular support group?

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    Default Weekly Poll: Have you ever considered starting your own secular support group?

    After reading Mom on the Verge's post this week about having to leave her local support group because of its radical leanings, I started wondering how many of you have been in the same boat.

    Have some of you, either because of no homeschool support groups in your area, or no secular/inclusive ones, considered starting up a group yourself??
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    No. I really don't think that I have the time to invest in something like that. I'm already educating my kids and working full time outside the house, along with taking the kids to outside activities. I don't even belong to any support groups (other than THIS one), and can't imagine the time and effort it would take to start and lead one.
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    I've thought about it but don't really see the need. I'm lucky enough to live in an area with a variety of inclusive homeschooling groups. I belong to 3 different local inclusive homeschool groups that do a variety of activities. We're not overly involved in them yet since a lot of stuff is for older kids but I like knowing they are there. There's at least one other group that I don't belong to since they charge a fee that I can join once we're ready to do more joining-in.

    I was talking to another mother at my MOMS Club today that said a homeschool mom she knows told her that based on available activities and enrollment in homeschool activities, that NJ had more homeschoolers than any other state. Since we are a non-reporting state (don't even have to tell the school district we're homeschooling) I guess there's no way to confirm it but I found it interesting.
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    I can't answer your poll. LOL I did start on last year, and it all came apart. We had a very unstable person in the group. It just isn't worth the trouble to me now. I doubt I will invest that much energy again. Maybe someone else in my area will start one up.

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    I started ours when my kids were very small - then when we started school-school, a lady that's a big-wig in the Texas homeschooling world started giving me grief about 'running' a homeschoolng group when I wasn't a homeschooling mom. While I understand her viewpoint, my position was that there wasn't another (and still isn't) a strictly secular HSing group here, and since no one else wanted to start or run one, I didn't want to close mine. I really wasn't sure where or educational future would take us, so I kept the group. Good thing, too

    It's not a terribly active group, but I enjoy it!
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    I put that I started my own... that's not quite true... There are lots of secular homeschoolers here. We used to belong to a homeschool preschool group when it was just getting started that I then became the moderator of. That group is pretty active - they hold a weekly playdate and occasional field trips and other events - like a Mom's Night Out and a Homeschool Book Club. Now that my kids are going into 1st grade, I felt like we had aged out of the group, though we'd gotten all our greatest contacts through there. I passed on the moderatorship to other folks, but now we've made a spinoff group that's for elementary aged homeschoolers and it's just getting off the ground.

    Mostly I've found moderating is pretty low key. And the opportunities we've found through our groups far outweigh the downsides of dealing with anyone who might be annoying.
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    I haven't. I have started other groups for various things and I have always experienced the same thing, no one wanted to help and have me do all the work. While I tend to like having control and making sure things are taken care of, a group is a lot of work and it often overwhelmed me. I will participate and volunteer with local group but I won't take any position of leadership.
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    I didn't even think about starting a group, and the group I'm in now is inclusive and works out well for us. Though I have thought about starting a club/co-op/sub-group, since everything for fall is on a day/place when we can't make it, or it's for kids a year older than her.
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    No, the group we belong to is an inclusive, secular group. I have been the facilitator of it for a few years though, so it has definitely experienced my influence.
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    I have been thinking about it a lot lately but like other said it is a ton of work I have started other moms groups and it was so hard to keep people active and drama free!
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