View Poll Results: Aren't all secular homeschoolers unschoolers?

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  • If they aren't, they should be! Secular unschooler here!

    6 6.59%
  • Nope....eclectic secular homeschoolers here!

    37 40.66%
  • Nope...classical secular homeschoolers here!

    15 16.48%
  • Nope...Waldorf secular homeschoolers here!

    1 1.10%
  • secular homeschoolers here!

    3 3.30%
  • Nope...Charlotte Mason secular homeschoolers here!

    5 5.49%
  • Nope...unit study secular homeschoolers here!

    0 0%
  • Just TRY to define our style of homeschooling!

    24 26.37%
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    Default Weekly Poll: Aren't all secular homeschoolers unschoolers?

    I met her today. The world's most opinionated woman. I was pretty sure I had met her several times in recent years, but nope. Today, she came across my path. And although she had NO personal experience with homeschooling or even homeschoolers for that matter, she had VERY definite opinions about it.

    When she discovered I was a secular homeschooler, and not just that, but ran a website for secular homeschoolers, she was adamant that I must be mistaken when I told her that secular homeschoolers had as many varied ways of homeschooling as there are secular homeschoolers. She had always passionately believed that all secular homeschoolers were unschoolers. And sadly, despite my best arguments, when I left her, she was no more convinced that she was wrong than she ever had been (which I seriously doubt was EVER).

    So, this week's poll is simply to nurse my own battered ego. And we haven't had a "homeschooling style" poll yet anyway, so placate me, will ya??

    (And if someone happens to run into this woman in a week or two, would you mind sharing a link to the results with her???)

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    We're mostly Classical here, but I'm going to throw in a unit study or two and we start out with a lot of Montessori.

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    We are mostly classical, totally secular. Although we stray off the path on occasion, we most definitely have never been true unschoolers. Although I think at least one of my children would have thrived as an unschooler, I am a box checker LOL.

    And I am sure I have already met her LOL. She didn't care much for me in the end. ;-)

    ( I have been told I would argue with a fence post until it admitted I was right, if I felt I was right LOL. )

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    Unschooling is not for me. We're eclectic I guess, and been online schoolers now for over a year. Next year we'll be using K12.
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    We are completely secular & very eclectic. I won't even consider unschooling my kids (not trying to insult anyone who does unschool, it just would never work for us). I am thinking about giving my homeschooling style a name, though. Actually giving it a name & sitting down to write out all the important aspects, my educational philosophy, how we meet the standards I set, etc. would give me another project to work on (I'm always adding new projects so that I stay busy), and I think it would be fun.

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    LOL, that lady cracks me up every time I meet her.

    I am totally eclectic.
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    We are secular eclectic and use unit studies and...whatever else we want. LOL. My daughter wants to do "school at home" so unschooling will not work for her.

    In my opinion, homeschooling is like a tree; unschooling is a different branch off of homeschooling. You have religious homeschoolers, secular homeschoolers, unschoolers and within those groups you are going to find other branches and twigs

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    We are eclectic and secular. I never planned to home school as I do work (although I do work at home). I have to use a variety of educational sources for my son - he is special needs so I really need to customize. I do strongly believe in a strong science core and thankfully he does love science.

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    Eek. We're unschoolers, but I don't agree with "If they aren't, they should be!" Even with the smiley face, I don't want to represent that way. So ... ?

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    Classical here. Assuming all secular homeschoolers are unschoolers is like assuming all faith-based homeschoolers are classical, but there are plenty of faith-based unschoolers!

    It sounds like you met my husband's former commander's wife... She used to say the same things. Heh.
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