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Thread: New to Homeschooling and have a question

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    Missing friends is my biggest worry. But I plan on trying to keep DD in touch with the close friends from PS, and I'm very hopeful that our local homeschool community will provide fabulous new friends. Thank you for all your responses!

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    My dd attended school for Kindergarten and Grade One, and the only things she missed were the parties, especially Halloween and Valentine's Day. For several years, I put in quite a lot of effort to invent special and fun things to do Halloween and Valentine's. We attended our support group's party, or had one of our own. For Valentine's Day, we made heart-shaped cookies and I asked relatives to send her a card.

    Our support group has many annual events, so those eventually became our special traditions.

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    Since you stated that you have a local homeschool community, I'm sure you won't have any problems. Finding friends for DD is our only difficulty pertaining to homeschooling. Good luck to you & your family.

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