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Thread: Planning a hs-ing high school "seminar"

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    I always struggle with the tension between interest-led projects (or unit studies) and by-the-book. I was struck by the idea of turning passions into credits presented in "College Without High School" and I'd love more information on that process. More examples.

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    It looks like we'll put this seminar on in July. (Everyone is so busy with life with teens that it's hard to nail us all down in one spot!)

    We'll be discussing CORE 40 (Indiana grad requirements), transcripts, different approaches to homeschooling teens, and college admission/dual credit. I already have one local admissions rep committed to speak. I'll keep everyone updated on our planning and how it turns out.

    Those of you in NW Indiana, we'll probably be having it in Valparaiso.

    In our 11th year of homeschooling
    Writer-to-be dd (18) now a University of Iowa student
    Computer programming intern, part-time short order cook, and high school senior ds (17)

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    Oh that's sooo cool Carol!! I wish I were close enough to attend!! Good luck!
    First year homeschooling ds 13 and dd 11....doing my best to make this a positive experience for us all, and taking it one day at a time

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    That sounds great Carol! Thanks so much for doing this. I, too, wish I was closer but appreciate you asking us and really look forward to hearing about it.

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