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    Default FS Moving Beyond the Page MBtP Units

    I have for sale!: Level 9-11 Lit units The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. Science unit "Biomes"

    I have the Level 7-9 lit unit Communities & Culture Lit unit (and two books that go with it) and the 7-9 American Heroes Lit unit with text.

    $15 for each the 9-11 and 7-9 units which includes the unused curriculum guide/workbook, the novel, and shipping.

    I also have Level 11-13 Science units The Lithosphere (+1 text) $15, Ecosystems & Ecology Unit (+4 texts) $25, Earth Cycles & Systems (curriculum book only) $10. I also have the Asia Today social studies unit (curriculum book only) $10.

    Everything is unused. Message me if you're interested! I also have tons of gently used novels and other texts for the MBtP curriculum (levels 7-9/9-11/11-13) I'm willing to part with, so if you are looking for a particular title let me know. Gotta lighten the load around here!

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    I have been looking at MBTP and I may be interested in most your 9-11 and 11-13 units. Can you tell me what all you have for those levels?

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    This is what I have so far. All of the used items are in very good condition.
    9-11 Level
    Witch of Blackbird Pond – novel & curriculum guide, NEW
    Ballad of Lucy Whipple - novel & curriculum guide, NEW
    Science Unit Biomes - textbook & curriculum guide, NEW
    Social Studies Unit Your State – curriculum guide (no textbook with this unit), NEW
    “A House of Tailors” – used novel
    “My Side of the Mountain” used novel
    “The Cay” -- used novel
    “My America” – used hardback poetry book
    “Walking with Henry” - used hardback book
    “The View from Saturday” – used novel
    “Awesome Ocean Science” – used textbook
    “Smart About the 50 States” – used book
    “Pass the Energy Please” – used book

    11-3 Level
    Science unit The Lithosphere (+1 text) NEW
    Ecosystems & Ecology Unit (+4 texts) NEW
    Earth Cycles & Systems (curriculum book only) NEW
    Social studies unit Asia Today (curriculum book only) NEW
    Newton at the Center – hardback text & curriculum guide, NEW
    The Prince & the Bard – novel & curriculum guide, NEW
    Independent Study – curriculum guide, NEW
    “A Girl Named Disaster” – used novel
    “The Pearl” – used novel
    “Icarus at the Edge of Time” – hardback book, used
    “Predicting Climate Change” textbook, used
    “The Air Around You” – hardback textbook, used

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    Great! Can you tell me your asking price for everything?

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    Sorry -- been out of town! Yes, I can. Are you interested in specific units? For any lit unit with the novel/book, I'd ask $15 a unit - except for the 11-13 Newton unit which I'd like to ask $25 cause it's a large hardback text. If it's curriculum book only with no text/novel, then $10. For the Ecosystems & Ecology Unit (+4 texts) unit I'd ask $25 cause of the number of books with it. I'd say $2 for any novel/soft-back book and $5-10 for the hardbacks depending on their weight. If you're interested in all of it, I'd have to figure that out! I'd definitely be up for cutting an even better deal but I don't want to end up in the hole on shipping so I'd have to see how big a box it fills. Just let me know what you're interested in! C

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    Yes, I would like to see about purchasing all of it. Let me know what you would like and what the shipping may run for it. Thanks

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    I will box it and add it up!

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    I have sent you a private message!

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    Hi clancariens

    I sent you a private message about the 7-9 units.


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    HI, I know this post of yours is old, but I just found it and am wondering if you still have the moving beyond the page 7-9 units available? Thanks!

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FS Moving Beyond the Page MBtP Units