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    Yeah, it's nuts. Real friends are there for you whether your kid is a genius or a dolt or some random combo of the two.

    Maybe the thing is that real friends are rare.

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    Suki -

    *Thank you* for saying this! I've tried talking to parents with older kids about book suggestions for my 5-year-old who is exactly like you describe in the reading category. Afterward, I end up feeling bad, like I sounded snotty
    The reading thing is a very real problem. My older child was not an early reader - he started when he was six. But he was certainly unusual. I'd been stupidly trying to "teach" him phonics and gave up. Every time we tried to read something he'd get to "the" and say "tuh-huh". Drove me crazy. Then after about 6 months of no reading instruction, he just started reading - everything. Nothing but sight words for him - he could only read whole words, but he could read anything. Then later he went back and learned how to sound things out. But what this means is that in the two years between six and eight, instead of starting with the little kid books and gradually growing into longer novels, he started right in on novels, the longer the better. By the time he was eight, he had totally exhausted our library's supply of under-young adult level reading. The YA stuff was either too scary for him or included relationship stuff that he couldn't care less about, so we were stuck. It took him four years to become unstuck!

    In response to that experience and then the fact that my daughter started reading as a preschooler, I wrote a series of articles with recommended book lists. You can find links to them here: Featured articles – Avant Parenting - and also at the bottom of that page a series of articles on children's literature that I wrote. BTW, I'm not writing for Examiner anymore so I don't make any money off my articles. In the past people would get mad that I'd post links to them, since I got paid by hits, but now I'm saved from that particular complication by the fact that they don't pay me anymore!


    ps: And anyone with a gifted reader, whether or not you think your child is academically gifted in other ways, should read
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