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    I took my pile of papers into Staples this afternoon and asked the copy center about it. The larger pieces will be a problem unless I want them to stick out the bottom (which I don't - I'd prefer the top but they can't do that). They have a glue binding, but they'd have to send it out special for that and I wasn't really all that impressed. They have spiral binding that they keep on hand that goes up to 50mm, but from what I understood they could order larger ones if I needed that (which we won't).

    The spiral binding for our work this year which is currently held together by a jumbo binder clip is $9.67 and that includes $0.20 extra for a vinyl back cover and a clear plastic cover. That's cheaper than a decent binder plus page protectors and less bulky to boot. I have plastic storage containers that I store a few keepsake items for the kids in so I'll be able to keep them there without having to devote my limited shelving space to more binders.

    The people who work at my Staples are always really friendly at the copy center and she did make other suggestions as folks have here, but accordion files, folders, and boxes while great for storage aren't really well suited if you want to look through something. I have a storage box for the papers I kept from ds' Kindergarten year, but to be honest, it's messy, stuff can easily get out of order and it's not exactly something you're going to sit down and flip through. I had half thought about just tossing it which I could easily see myself doing if I amassed large numbers of them (with three children that's not outside the realm of possibility). I think I'll go back through the Kindergarten box and bind that at a later date as well.

    The three hole punched items will be a bit of an issue, but it shouldn't be too bad. She said there would just be a bit more play with those pages. I considered recopying those pages, but that adds cost to the project. I could also take the longer pieces, copy them on a color copier, and reduce them to size, but there are so few of them I think adding them to some sort of art portfolio might be my best bet. I'm limiting the number I keep to a few per year which should make it manageable. I may buy an artist's portfolio from Nasco for each kid at some point.

    From a cost and storage space perspective (both of which are at a premium for me) binding them at Staples is the most efficient.

    Thanks for helping me puzzle it out. :0)

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    This reminded me of something: Several years ago, I was setting up at a craft fair in a tiny town near me. My son was wearing his Calvert School baseball cap, and an older/elderly gentleman approached us and said that he had used Calvert's homeschool program when he was a child. This must have been in the 30s or 40s, I'd guess. Anyway, when he was done, Calvert had all his work professionally bound in hardcover as a keepsake! I thought that was soooo cool. Too bad they don't still do that.

    Oh, and look at the Itoya Profolios for artwork. They come in a variety of sizes, are archival quality, and are much cheaper than the zippered kind with acetate pages. I have one that I bought about 22 years ago, and it still looks pretty good.

    Mom to one, 18 year old son.

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