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Thread: Pencil SOS

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    I am basically married to the Dixon brand but I only buy PRESHARPENED ones. I swear they sharpen easier because they had a perfect start. They just make me happy.

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    USA Gold by The Write Dudes sharpens cleanly and evenly, (not hairy and scraggly even in more dull sharpeners) and has strong leads that don't break easily, wear down quickly, but write smoothly. It smells, when newly sharpened, like the pencils of my childhood, and it's made in the USA supposedly, of sustainably harvested California cedar or so my package says. I personally think it outperforms the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils of today, also (and they are not USA-made anymore in case that matters to you). I never knew I had a pencil fetish until I found myself so incensed with crappy pencils these days, that I went on Ebay and got a LOT of old Mirado Classic pencils from the early 90s. I hoarded them, even though the erasers were getting hard from age. I loved them irrationally.

    And my kids got into them. I hissed and snarled, because they were using up my precious! And that's when I found these USA Gold ones that I can buy anywhere. so I could get those for the kids, instead.

    I remember when I first encountered the new, weird, compressed-sawdust (or whatever they were made of) pencils in school, and thought they were nicer than the splintery cedar pencils, but the tips tended to break more easily. Even so, they were way better than the compressed-sawdust types today, that you can easily bend with your fingers, that have such fragile tips.

    Are we raving maniacs to get so worked up by the fallen standards of pencil production? No, I think we're just royally ticked off that something we need and rely on, that is so cheap and simple to make well, has to be so very disappointing, for no good reason.
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    I have had the Staedtler pencils I ordered from Amazon for a couple weeks now. I thought I would come back and comment on their performance for any other parents who might be interested. I haven't had one break a single time! I love these pencils! My 6yo DS said that they are easier to control. Since I ordered them I have been to Staples and Staples carries them, plus some that have a larger circumference which I plan on getting for my DD next year when she will start "Kindergarten."

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