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    For some reason, SHS doesn't give me quoted notifications anymore. Sigh.

    So, I'll second the BYL lists for that age - especially anything you can get from the library because it can be hard to know what a kid will really enjoy. I especially liked Billions of Years, Amazing Changes. In terms of non-dinosaur books, I liked this Cartoon Prehistory of Life Before Dinosaurs a lot - there are three or four of them:

    They're a little in depth for that age, but they include a lot of bugs and various other things than dinosaurs, which is nice. I'm trying to think what else is outside the box a little, especially that isn't just dinosaurs. There are a lot of great ones about dinos - several good ones about Sue. There are also some good mammoth/mastodon books if you want to go more recent. But this stuff is relatively easy to find. For that age, I think it's best to child out piles of stuff from the library and see what he likes. It's hard if you don't have one though. For older kids, I tend to think it's better to really target them and require specific things.
    Thank you for your advice.

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    My daughter loves that book. I was going to recommend it myself.. lol I've also used worksheets from and sometimes I've just made my own work sheets to go along with it.

    My kid is only 6, when I'm not being lazy, I will go ahead and do themed days. For a dinosaur day that will usually include a few books I read to her, or a chapter from a larger book, then a dinosaur EZ reader style book that she reads to me, a couple math pages with dinosaur theming, a dot to dot page (she's past that point, but, likes them so I still include them) AND well, I have my Florida state fossil license, so we will dig out a bag of sifted gravel and look for fossils. I have a friend who also has his license and will bring me a couple bags now and then of dredgings. We look for microfossils and have found things like Pleistocene era bird talons and rodent teeth and so on. One of our museums have a couple active dig sites where you can volunteer. She won't be allowed to volunteer until she's 15, but, I've volunteered before and it's a lot of fun. Mostly a lot of shovel work.
    I saw recent call for volunteers few days back and my son got excited to see it too and at the same time he got upset when I told him that he need to wait till he is 15. I wish I had some kind of opportunity to let him touch and see fossils so close. I am also looking on for this book for the amazing pictures.


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    I don't know where you live, but around here, there are lots of places for younger kids to look for fossils. They can go to the dinosaur dig and along the Bay beaches there are several with some serious fossil finds. Last time we were at Calvert Cliffs, a kid I was with found a prehistoric shark tooth that was well over an inch (that's a biggie... the biggest thing I've ever found was a really nice ray plate).

    And at one of the museums, there's a room where you can check out and investigate specimens, including fossils. Plus, you can start a fossil collection. Ours has a lot of polished stuff we've bought various places over the years.

    Basically, there are ways.
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