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    Wink Signed my little one up with Discovery K12

    Hi, I haven't been on here for a bit. I have been getting my 4 yr old calmed down a bit. She has begun throwing tantrums, so it has been hard for me to find time to break away.

    I have just recently signed her up with Discovery K12. Has anyone here used this curriculum for their child? I decided to give it a try for Pre K and see how it goes from there. In addition, we have workbooks that we will be using as well. I wanted to give this a try before the time comes for us to start reporting to our school district. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    If she is having tantrums, then it might be a bit much.

    I didn't use a curriculum when mine was 4. Usually reading books and if she is interested, maybe a worksheet or two. Some kids love them some don't. If she doesn't love them, I would set them aside for another year.

    Focus on coloring and cutting out paper and play dough projects to help with her fine-moter skills. This will help prepare her for writing. In addition to free play, this is what kids really need right now.
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    ^^^Exactly what Mariam said!

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    Do they have a Preschool curriculum? I think it just starts with kinder? An online K curriculum will probably be a bit much for preschool age. I'm not sure it will give you a good sense of how she will like it a year from now. They change so much from 4 to 5 to 6. Previewing the curriculum might give you an idea about what to expect, but there's really no hurry. Does your state require reporting at 5 for kinder? Maybe trying it out toward the end of her pre-k year might be easier than starting SO early.

    My son was in a hurry to start learning at pre-k age. I'd suggest lots of hands-on units about whatever she's interested in - book, craft, project, movie, game, rinse, repeat. If she likes workbooks, go for it. But let it be her choice when she wants to work on them or not.
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    IMHO, an online curriculum would do more damage than good for a 4yo. 4yolds do NOT need a curriculum. They need to play, be read to, and have access to art supplies and pretend-play toys. If you keep forcing any more than that, you will have your child tantruming and starting to hate learning. If you are so impatient to begin 'schooling', you can begin by researching and reading about developmental stages, early literacy, early math skills etc etc.
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    Assuming that the tantrums arent from being made to do schoolwork which shes not ready for (although Im inclined to go with the others guessing its pushing beyond what she is ready for), you may want to try something a little more interactive than an online program until you really have the feel for her stamina and learning habits.
    Ive also noticed that what my little one likes is the interaction with me. Its the cuddling with me on the couch that makes him tolerate BOB books. Its that Im sitting at the table with him for coloring worksheets that persuades him to try, even though he has very little hand stamina. And its also enjoyable time we spend together.... itd be a shame to miss out on that (and those memories) because your daughter is plodding through online exercizes with an apathic computer.
    The computer also cant gauge when shes 'done'.... only when an activity is completed. If something is too easy to be boring, or too hard so that its frustrating, the computer has no sense of this, cant redirect her or end on a good note.
    I think you both will be much happier if you save the electronics for leisure and games.
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    I apologize, I didn't make myself clear. Her tantrums have nothing to do with's an age thing. She enjoys doing her studies. We read, I give her paper to scribble and cut.

    I was mainly hoping that I could hear if someone else has/does use this program for their child/ren and how they feel about it. Sorry for the confusion

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    I don't allow her to work on the computer by herself. So with that being said, I am aware of when she is "done" and then we move on. I don't push her

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    once again, I am not pushing her to do any of this. I just signed her up for this program and was looking to see if any other parent has/is using this program. I hold a degree in Early Childhood Development and feel strongly about play based learning. Play is the best way to learn not only for our young ones but for adults as well. I am not damaging my child. She lets me know when she wants to read, cut, color, build with blocks and or legos....etc. Please do not jump to conclusions. TY

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    Thank you TFZ, actually, this program does offer a Pre-K element. In addition, it allows for self paced learning so we are not required or obligated to log on every day and do "schooling". The Pre-K section takes only about 2 hrs per day, (if we were to do it daily). As I said, it does not dictate that we have to follow their schedule, it offers flexibility.

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Signed my little one up with Discovery K12