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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina D View Post
    Thank you TFZ, actually, this program does offer a Pre-K element. In addition, it allows for self paced learning so we are not required or obligated to log on every day and do "schooling". The Pre-K section takes only about 2 hrs per day, (if we were to do it daily). As I said, it does not dictate that we have to follow their schedule, it offers flexibility.
    Lol I didn't realize that. Maybe they should change it to Discovery PreK-12. Maybe try looking for a Discovery K-12 Facebook group? Or maybe they have a pre-k one? You'll mostly find eclectic and relaxed homeschoolers around this forum. Excuse the jumping to conclusions. If you stick around you'll probably notice a few (or not so few) pre-preschool/college-prep parents swing by only to reappear several months later asking why their 3yo is resisting.

    We are dabblers. We use games and books and curriculum and workbooks and online resources and printable and and and... Do what works. You know your daughter. If you DK-12 try something else. Homeschool gives you lots and lots of time.
    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

    My site is somerandomlady.com and this is what to say and what NOT to say when you meet a homeschooler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oksana View Post
    IMHO, an online curriculum would do more damage than good for a 4yo. 4yolds do NOT need a curriculum. They need to play, be read to, and have access to art supplies and pretend-play toys. If you keep forcing any more than that, you will have your child tantruming and starting to hate learning. If you are so impatient to begin 'schooling', you can begin by researching and reading about developmental stages, early literacy, early math skills etc etc.
    I agree with this. We tried an online charter for 4K because I figured I would rather try it in an early grade than wait. We hated it. The format was watch this video, play this game online and do these worksheets. Rinse and repeat. We did the BARE minimum and then did fun stuff (art, crafts, baking, book units, etc.)

    She grew to HATE school time and groaned when the computer came out. Her attention span shrunk to next to nothing and she hated it (did I mention that?) We went back to hands on and went screen free for a few weeks. Thankfully, she began to love learning again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina D View Post
    Thank you TFZ, actually, this program does offer a Pre-K element. In addition, it allows for self paced learning so we are not required or obligated to log on every day and do "schooling". The Pre-K section takes only about 2 hrs per day, (if we were to do it daily). As I said, it does not dictate that we have to follow their schedule, it offers flexibility.
    Two hours per day?? My first grader does not do that, unless she wants to keep going. And some days, she will go for two, three or even four. Like you, I do not push her to keep going once she says she is done....as long as the four or five MUST DO assignments are done for that day.

    I have to go look at this program now. I have a kiddo coming up the ranks and am looking at programs for her. I want to see what they require for two hours...
    CJ (Mom)
    Bug: 6 years old
    Doodle: 2 years old

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    Give it a try! No, I have not done that particular curriculum, but yes, see if you can find a FB group. We did K12. Started my oldest with 2nd/3rd grade, my middle with 1st, and when my youngest was there, kinder for him. I really liked 1-5th back in the day when we did it. But I HATED kinder. It was too...easy in some things, too hard in others. (The undiagnosed dyslexia made it hard.) But the point is...whatever they do from one year...may not be a good indication of a following year.

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    I have a 4 year old this year but like the others said, most of the homeschoolers on this particular forum are pretty relaxed especially in the early years. My 4 year old is my 6th child that I've homeschooled for preschool and anyone who asked me about an online school for any child younger than about 4th or 5th grade, I would advise them against it to be completely honest. Online curricula can be good but it just works so much better if they start as late elementary to early middle school age.

    Online school is meant to be less work for the parent and I find that preschool and young elementary children just need so much guidance from me on the computer that it is more time consuming for me than if I waited a few years so I can just supervise their lessons on the computer and they can complete them on their own.

    With my current 4 year old preschooler, we are doing calendar time which covers a lot of skills (check out this blog post for lots of ideas for squeezing every educational drop out of calendar time). On a busy day, I consider just doing our calendar time to be enough for preschool. If we do more, we do stories with learning activities (could be just a conversation about something in the story or an elaborate project of some kind, or just imitating an art element in the illustrations), we write stories (he dictates his story, I write it down, he illustrates it if he wants), we do a math activity, we do a science experiment... whatever catches our interest that day. I find that preschool and kindergarten work better if I do it in reverse. Instead of planning out lesson plans and following them, we follow their interests and then record what we did for "school" in a journal or planner.

    For example right now, 4yo ds is making a roller coaster out of cardboard with Dad and they are talking about the science and math necessary to plan out the roller coaster. Of course they are not doing the calculations or anything like that, he's a pretty average 4yo lol! But he is very interested in the concepts and ideas and experimenting with what works and what doesn't. I can almost guarantee no preschool curriculum would cover slope, kinetic energy, momentum and inertia but why shouldn't he learn about it if he finds it interesting? So I jot down the experiment and a quick picture of them working in our learning journal and call it school. ;-)
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    I have not tried Discovery K12, but when I was teaching my child French we frequented a French restaurant where the wait staff were fluent. This was a great cultural experience and perfect for my child to hear the language (and not my terrible accent)! If your teaching Spanish, find an authentic Mexican restaurant for employees to speak with your child! Hope this helps

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    My son loves DK12 and he's 4. Their prek curriculum really isn't much. It's mostly videos and simple worksheets. It starts simple with the ABC song, printout for numbers, a video on how to hold a pencil, and another video about manners. As the year progresses, it covers each letter and number individually including how to write both, how many objects equal that number and words starting with that letter. They like Little Mandy Manners videos and instruction videos on basic life skills like brushing teeth, easy ways to get dressed, etc. Think they also explain germs. They're usually musical so my son loved to dance along with them.

    We did a dry run last year to see if we both liked it. Depending on what you want to do, it takes no time at all.
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    i find it to be a very basic but good outline. i check back with it once a week or when i run into a speedbump with the kids. i do use the spelling words and art videos every week. they are really good for me to " get a break" usually to do work with another child.

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