One of my favorite cookbooks is a Jewish one. Olive Trees and Honey. It's all vegetarian recipes. Nothing super complicated or fancy. Just pastries, soups, salads, stews, pickles etc. Everything I have tried from it has been really tasty and something I would make again.

DD had a sick day yesterday. The joys of the school petri dish. And she had a fun day at home doing a whole lot of inside activities I set up at the kitchen table. Today was Sat and we spent most of the day outside washing the car and gardening together. So that was nice. She is getting a bit back to herself now. By Fri morn she started to have that pale, blank, exhausted look, which is why I decided to have her home for a sick day (she also had a sore throat, sneeze, and runny nose, which lots of parents would send their kids to school with, hence how she got sick in the first place).

I will have to find somewhere to book a ride with my usual place shut. I am wary of getting bad instruction as I did at two other places before the place I currently ride at. I think no instruction is better than bad instruction. Particularly when it can involve falling off and getting injured. So maybe I will just go for a horse trek instead of a lesson.