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    Alexsmom - Beautiful! Very nice handiwork, looks perfect to me
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    THAT IS GORGEOUS!!! My Mom does the same thing with her quilts, points out the faults which I can't even see until she points them and then I don't think they are noticeable or that bad.
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    Beatiful quilt!!
    I am just curious...why are there no hens? (you got roosters, you got chicks, my eyes were searching for a hen)
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    I had wondered why no hens, myself. Was it a statement about modern families? Are the roosters hirs, shims, and theys? A protest by the hens who were off doing things? Did the poultry artist have issues with hens? Is there some deep meaning behind it?
    Maybe because everyone thinks baby chicks are adorable, and roosters are showy. Long feathers and all is dramatic.

    Im going with the more visual of the explanations.

    @A&DsMom - Tell your mum that the correct thing to say is "Thank you." When youre enjoying what she did, you dont want to hear about how terrible it really is. Would she belittle something her family members had done? Then dont do it to her own stuff!
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    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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