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    Default Friday Roll Call, 8/11

    Just a quick post for me this morning. DD and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning to take her back to Iowa City for the school year. She goes a week early to help freshmen move in (otherwise known as going a week early to hang out with friends before classes start!).

    I'll be spending the day playing tetras getting her belongings into the car while still maintaining visibility out of more than just the windshield, picking up new glasses for her, then returning to the never ending paint-the-house-job.

    We'll miss her (and she says she'll miss us as well!!), but Iowa City is really home for her now. All of her friends are there, literary events, etc.

    Any plans for your family this weekend?

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

    Daughter (21), a University of Iowa senior triple majoring in English with Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

    Son (20), a Purdue University junior majoring in Computer Science, minoring in math, geology, and history

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    Our first week went well... The dudes are more independent this year. Twin B likes the fact he doesn't have to wait for Twin A to move on when ready (in the past I would make him wait so I didn't have to go over the instructions twice). I did notice they do wait for each other to do their mini science experiments

    No special plans. Man child's gf goes back to school in the wee hours next Wednesday. He is attempting school again and starts on the 22nd... SO it shall be an interesting next few weeks I am not holding my breath with school. BUT he did finish his book and now DH is editing it... its pretty good... but what do I know... I'm mom

    Homeschooling my 2 ten year old boys (second year)

    Life coaching my 1 twenty year old man-child

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    DS17 went to the community college yesterday for assessment testing, got his student ID and checked out the bookstore. Classes start next week. He's a high school senior so these are dual enrollment. Shouldn't be too hard but hopefully he'l learn some time management skills before heading to a 4 year school next fall. DS14 dropped off 3 photos that made it to the finalist round of a photo contest. He won it last year and since he has 3 out of 10 finalist photos for youth he has a good chance of walking away with more prize money this time. DH also had 3 photos make it to the final round. This photo contest costs an arm and a leg because finalist have to submit a large print and matted. Top photos will be exhibited around town all year at the theater/library and wineries which is kind of cool. The conservancy agency holding the contest uses the photos in all their newsletters and website to promote people going outside and enjoying the valley so I try to think of it as exposure and a donation to the organziation.
    I'm scrambling to finalize my science classes, ended up with more in my high school than my middle school class which is ok since the middle school crowd tends to be louder.
    Would love to be working on house, painted kitchen last spring and would like to do another room but too dang busy and tired.
    Stay at home physicist - Mom to C (18 & off to college)) and J (15)

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Friday Roll Call, 8/11