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    And that is why I do childcare. I loved having my boys home, hated when I sent them off to public school, was thrilled when I brought them back home to homeschool. I don't do a quiet house. Not saying it isn't nice, occasionally.
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    That's part of the reason I still tutor and teach homeschoolers from home. Still that spark of young people learning!
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    completely off topic, but alwayssmile, is your hair PURPLE in that pic??
    Yes, my hair is purple. It's currently a brighter purple than that pic actually. lol.
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    alwayssmile, I LOVE it! I've dyed my hair purple before! What do you use?

    A&W, I love a quiet house. With 3 cats, a dog, and a 7 year old, it practically never happens, but omg I love the silence when it happens.

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    Monday Roll Call,1/9
    Quote Originally Posted by aselvarial View Post
    alwayssmile, I LOVE it! I've dyed my hair purple before! What do you use?
    I like the shade of purple on alwayssmile's hair too. I wonder how it would look on blonde hair? or do you bleach it first? I do not want to color my hair but my daughter likes messing with her hair color a bit. Since she is only 12, and I have never used hair dye, and I was nervous about how it would look, so far I've only done the ends of her hair - knowing I can always have it cut off. Since her hair is light, I skip the bleaching step. We've done the ends various shades of blue and teal. When she puts it in a pony tail, her hair looks like a paint brush dipped in paint!

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    I'm thinking about dying my hair purple, so that it will fade to pink. I'll have to get mine bleached first. I'm going to get it done in a salon so I don't make a mess and turn my face purple or something.
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    My hair is naturally a very dark blonde and bleaches super easily. I do bleach my hair first for vibrant colors. If my hair was lighter I probably wouldn't bother bleaching - probably will fade much faster since the hair isn't stripped first!
    That particular purple in the picture is Joico Amethyst if I'm remembering correctly. For a more true purple I like their Indigo. lol. My husband is actually the one who bleaches and dyes my hair. I tend to miss too many spots when doing it myself, so he gets that fun. ha ha. No, he has no idea what he's doing. It's just hair that will regrow, so I'm a bit more relaxed about this than others.
    Military spouse and mom to three (6, 4, and 2)

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    Monday Roll Call,1/9

    That's indigo. lol.
    Military spouse and mom to three (6, 4, and 2)

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