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    We think you'll really enjoy this interactive article on SecularHomeschool.com. To explore the images, text, and video, simply hover over the image below and scroll down. On mobile? Simply start scrolling down your screen to view everything. Have fun learning about homeschooling on the go!!
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    by SHS Admin aandwsmom

    Anyone can do the obvious for field trips: museums, zoos, aquariums. But what if your town is located rurally, and you have no major attractions. Or, what if you've already been to your local museum so many times ...
    1. Categories:
    2. General Homeschooling,
    3. Field Trips

    Homeschooling and having fun as a family doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can have a great time, make great memories and most of the time learn something that can be counted as a homeschooling activity (
    see suggestions in red) - - all at little to no cost. A true win-win. Below are more than 50 ideas for integrating fun and learning without breaking the piggy bank!

    • Take a Hike - visit a park, a local hiking trail or drive away to the mountains for a scenic hike (PE, Science)
    • Go on a Picnic - combine it with the hike, take it to a local park, your backyard or even one inside on a rainy day makes things fun (Life Skills)
    • Go Swimming - local swimming pool, lake, river, creek or maybe a nice neighbor has a pool you can borrow (PE)
    • Play letter/word games - there is almost an endless list of word and letter games you can play together like letter hopscotch, hangman, guess the word, etc. For online fun, don't forget all the free games at Vocabulary Spelling City, too.
    • Fly a Kite - available at most dollar stores or have art time and make your own (Math, Science)
    • Build a Fort - inside or out, grab some sheets, chairs, cardboard or ?? and go to town (Math, Science)
    • Visit your local Police Department, Fire House or Hospital for a tour (Life Skills, Social Studies)
    • Go for a bike ride (PE)
    • Bird Watching - local park, on a walk or in your own backyard (Math, Science, PE)
    • Bug Watching - local park, on a walk or in your own backyard (Math, Science, PE)
    • Plant a Garden - flowers or vegetables or both (Art, Science, Math, Reading, Language Arts)
    • Create a Fairy Garden (Art, Science)
    • Create a
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