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    by Published on 06-11-2010 10:28 PM
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    You will be extremely happy to know that you have nothing in common with me. You glide along through life like a leaf down a crystal stream. You tend to steer in the direction everyone else is steering, and the road ahead of you is well lit and mapped out. Your children have been welcomed with open arms by everyone they’ve met, and your home is a bastion of peace, harmony, and good will. Best of all, your homeschooling experience has been the most rewarding and inspiring era of your life, and you’ve never doubted your calling for even a moment. See? I told you that you have nothing in common with me.

    Me . . . well, my life has been slightly different. My leaf tends to get stuck against every wet rock of the stream, my steering has been out of alignment for as long as I can remember, and the road I am on has been steep, winding, and many times even closed ...
    Published on 01-23-2010 11:01 AM
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    Copied with permission from the blog: Rational Jenn

    So here's a surprising development: Morgan has a perfectionist streak that is driving us both crazy!

    Now I am myself what you might consider a Reformed Perfectionist, so I understand her feelings. I reformed myself though, when it became clear to me that my perfectionism-which I had always regarded as a good thing-was actually a paralyzing force in my life. If I couldn't do something perfectly, then why bother even attempting it? Consequently, the things in my life-my ...
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    Feel free to ask about Purdue!

    My kids loved their dual credit classes. Only my son took an AP class, and that was online. Everything else was taken at a Purdue satellite campus near us.

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    What AM said! Welcome !

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    We also love GBBO. I think it is so cool to have Mom's who were homeschooled - it is such a great perspective to add to our forum. Welcome!

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