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    With Summer approaching, that means more outside time.More outside time does not mean learning has to cease! There are SO many ways to learn for all grade levels! And there is no better way to continue learning all summer than by creating your own garden!

    Whether you live in a house, apartment or property you can grow a garden! Where you live and how much you want to grow will determine how involved you are. The kids can be involved in all aspects of the creation, too, from the planning to the planting to the harvesting.

    A garden plan for the whole family

    The following are all things you can talk through and plan (which will all involve math, reading, and science!):

    • calculate size/space needed
    • what plants work best for your area?
    • what exactly do you want to plant?
    by Published on 04-11-2016 12:23 PM
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    Our family has always been passionate about the great outdoors. Mostly because we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is about as pretty a place as you can possibly imagine (if you have to imagine it, then please do come visit this area, ‘cause it’s worth the trip!!) But also because our sons love getting outside. Even in their deepest stages of internet-attachment, they’ve craved a way to expend some of their pent up energies. Our boys grew up hiking multiple times weekly, and we live in a fairly small size city, as well, so when they wanted to go somewhere, they walked!

    I hate speaking for our other SHS Admin, aandwsmom, but I’m pretty sure she’ll tell you herself (she’ll be chiming in for the discussion part) that the natural world has always been deeply ingrained into their family as well. I love it when she lists all the animals they currently house on their city-dweller property. It’s boggling to the mind!

    So, she and I decided with Earth Day approaching, we’d love to kick off a discussion ...
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