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    Published on 01-08-2014 04:05 AM
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    by Chris Yust of Homeschool Programming

    The Myth of Outsourcing
    “Is there any future in computer programming? Aren’t all those jobs overseas now?” I smiled as an earnest young mother asked us this question at a recent convention. I’ve heard this question many times over the last few years and my answer is always a resounding “No!” Despite what most people believe, outsourcing has not killed the computer job market. Oh sure, some companies use overseas help in different areas, but a great many computer programming jobs are still around locally. It’s simply too difficult for most companies to manage the complex process of software creation over long distances.

    As a full-time software engineer, I have observed a lack of quality candidates at my own employer. Jobs often go unfilled for long periods of time because we simply can’t interview enough people who qualify. I get calls every month from recruiters who still have my 10-year old resume in their database from the last time I was looking for a job. Anecdotes aside, the statistics show that roughly 50% of all software outsourcing projects are failures, and those that do succeed offer only modest 25% cost savings. That’s a huge risk for minimal return!

    The Recession-Proof Job
    In this age of recession and a downturned economy, one of the booming job sectors is the computer industry! Where other companies are cutting staff or shrinking salaries, computer jobs have seen steady growth and salary increases. Is this trend expected to continue? You bet! ...
    Published on 08-18-2013 01:40 PM
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    by Sancha de Burca of The Graphic Design Project

    Something that is trending right now is Design Thinking. Not only is this very overt in the creative and design industries themselves but it is also favoured in business, education and any other sector where innovation and new ideas are required. Put simply design thinking is enabling the skills and processes normally used within regular design to help generate and develop ideas across any field where there are users and a need to “solve” a problem. This could be applied to starting a business, designing a hospital or to developing an educational curriculum. I’d describe it as the ability to deal with a problem with logic but also with divergent “out of the box” thinking, finding a creative solution that helps the end users.

    Relevant for homeschoolers and their families is that understanding how to go about a design process properly can build up a whole range of transferable design thinking skills that are really useful for learning and also for anything from cooking the dinner to inventing a new clean fuel to save the planet.

    I’d recommend that all learners undertake at least a couple of design projects during their education because what I have witnessed over the years as a design tutor is that doing design helps, even obliges, people to approach things with a professional attitude and systematic process that enables inquiring exploration and flourishing creativity.
    So, in what ways is graphic design so good for your learning? What does it involve that’ll help a learner to be a better learner? While my list here is linear, the design process is actually very organic and intertwined so each skill feeds the other skills too.

    1. Motivation. Yes, it is fun, it’s contemporary and cool, which motivates people to get involved. The range of graphic design, illustration and photography that is out there waiting to be explored is inspiring, helping learners
    by Published on 07-07-2013 10:40 AM
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    Summer is the time of year many of us get out and about, vacation and take advantage of the decent weather!
    We go camping, visit historical places, head to the beach, the mountains, the lakes or even be silly an visit theme parks!

    Whatever you do, the object is to relax, spend time with friends and family, make memories and have fun!
    But who says it has to end there!

    As a homeschooling family, we are always looking for ways to incorporate learning into every day things! Funny part is, even when my boys were in public school....I did this, so maybe it was always meant to be that we were destined to become homeschoolers!LOL My boys are headed in a week on their 1st of several vacations this Summer and you can bet, Mom has things planned for them to take note of!(insert evil Mom laugh here!)
    First and foremost, we are a license plate loving family and this year Mom is getting smart! I am printing out and laminating a basic US map! Then giving them tiny dot stickers. If they see a State plate, mark it. Then when school is back in session, I will have them fill out a questionaire about each State they saw. We have done a huge US State research project before, so this time it will be other things. Stupid laws, State rock, etc. things like that. We will be using these for all our vacations, so by the end of Summer....they could have a decent amount to research!
    by Published on 04-10-2013 04:01 PM
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    In the high school years, how our homeschool is starting to adjust curricula to our future career choices.

    Well, as we are winding up the first year of 2 high schoolers being homeschooled(it feels SO crazy to say that....they were just in 5th and 6th grade-honest!).....the topic has turned towards what they want to be when they graduate! I want to buff up our homeschool day with what they need but tailor it for each of them!

    I know for my older son, as he has said this since he was 7-8 years old that he wanted to be a video game designer! He is now 16+ and has held onto that, never waivered! He has been into video games since birth, I swear! And can do things on the computer that I do not understand! I remember when he was 2 and would rearrange the files on my Mom's IMac. Then giggle when Grandma couldn't find anything and go click, click, click and they were all back! Nobody showed him, he just knew! CRAZY! As an adult who has used computers since 1988....I still cannot find stuff I download! He did not get that gene from ME!LOL

    My younger son is leaning towards being a paleontologist. No surprise there as he has always been into rocks, fossils, dinosaurs! I cannot remember a birthday or Christmas, that he didn't get a dinosaur something....book, fossil, excavation kit, etc. I guess that is a better choice than Monster Truck driver which WAS his choice at 5-6 when he was obsessed with Gravedigger!! Though that WOULD have been cool, IMHO!LOL

    So, what to do.....what to do!

    We have enjoyed almost 2 weeks off for Spring break but now that I am at the end of the week....I need to finish procrastinating and get the last part of the school year schedule together! I already had a few ideas of things I wanted to change or add BUT now that we are going to start focusing on adding some things to help our career choices.....I need to do my research! ...
    by Published on 10-03-2012 09:40 PM
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    So, what has been the overall response to your homeschooling your kids?
    Mine has been up and down!
    The hardest people to deal with on it has been our families! We have everything from 100% support to totally against is so therefore we ignore it and pretend it doesn’t happen! It makes me sad and angry. My Mom was a schoolteacher for 37 years and she is our biggest supporter. She has been for it since we started. The only issue has been getting her to think outside the box when it comes to teaching them, vs. how she taught for years. My Stepdad has been against it and for it and then against it again. He thinks I am sheltering them too much and that they should experience the things of high school to be able to deal with real life. I cannot make him understand that high school TODAY is not like he remembers back in the 50's. Heck, it isn't even the high school I attended in the late 80's! Hubby's family is totally against it. They(his parents) used to help buy the boys school clothes when they went to public school and they no longer help. That stopped as soon as we became homeschoolers. They do not ask the boys how school is, they do not acknowledge a field trip, etc. It really angers me but after 4+ years, I have learned to let it go and consider the source. Though I do like "poking the bear" so to speak by telling them how the school year is going, how the boys trip somewhere went, etc. ...
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