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    Published on 11-01-2013 12:36 PM
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    Contributed by Jennifer Jo Young, Author and See the Wish Co-President

    I didn’t start out writing
    “The Wishful Penny – Adventures of a One-Cent Coin” to educate kids. In fact, I wrote my first draft when I was just eight years old and I called it “Jenny’s Penny.”

    I was a third grader standing outside of Woolworth’s Five & Dime in Ridgefield, Connecticut, feeling pretty accomplished. Free of parental guidance, I had just made a purchase for the first time using my own money. I was inspecting the change I held in my hand, a few coins from the cashier, when it happened… one simple line of thought that would dictate the course of my adult life. I wouldn’t realize that for a very long time. What I did realize was that most of the coins in my hand were older than I was - I could tell by the dates they were minted.

    I focused in on one old, brown penny. Where had it been before me? Who else had held it? Had I? Thousands of people? Famous people? Had it traveled to other countries? Had it been in the White House, maybe in the president’s pocket? Or had it spent its entire life lost in the sand at the beach, doing nothing, just found last week? If only coins could talk! Oh, the stories they could tell! That day, I began to invent “Jenny’s Penny” adventures in my head, sometimes scribbling them down and often adding to them.

    As an adult, that imaginary penny’s adventures still played in my mind. I decided to pay homage to this childhood fascination by putting my college English degree to work. In 2003, “The Wishful Penny” became my first published book.

    In “The Wishful Penny,” I use coin characters as a vehicle for teaching character education, ...
    by Published on 10-09-2013 01:48 PM
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    Welcome to a "Day in the Life of a Secular Homeschooler"! This week we are featuring a day in the life of....Aandwsmom ! She has been homeschooling 5+ years, is a homeschooling Mom of 2 teens and Daycare Mom of 5 toddler/preschoolers and you can keep reading to learn a little about a day in her secular homeschool.....

    Rise and shine, it is crazy time!
    • 5am Up with the husband, feed the dogs, cat and get him ready and out the door by 6am.
    • 6am: Load up the dishwasher with load #1(countertop portable as we have a tiny, old home), toss a load of clothes in washer, start picking up from evening before because in 2 hours.... daycare kids start showing up. A tiny house of 2 teen boys and a husband plus 3-4 toddler/preschoolers running around during the day makes for constant mess it seems. Tidy up the toy shelves, return things to their rightful spots, note the chalk is low and/or missing from the chalkboard-AGAIN. Decide what today's preschool agenda will be while I wipe down all surfaces and sanitize them from the lovely cooties kids carry and smear everywhere!
    • 7am: Shower, dress, toss clothes into dryer, next load of dishes, vacuum whole house except boys room as they are still sleeping. And yes, they can and will sleep through vacuum running. Check to make sure their schoolwork schedule is out for them, as most of their work is independent.
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