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    The word “schedule” is so tricky. Because, as we all know, the quickest way to ensure that everything will go off course is to make a plan, eh? What we can seem to sometimes accomplish, though, is to find a general outline for what we want to get done, and when. Finding the best homeschool schedule for your family can at least start there.

    In our years of homeschooling we’ve definitely tried it all in terms of how we scheduled out our year. Sometimes, we steadfastly followed the general school-year schedule of 180 days scheduled into roughly nine months of dedicated schooling with the summers off. Other times, we did a four-day homeschool schedule that seemed to push us more into a 10 ½ month run, with still about six weeks off for summer. And one year, we aimed for a three-week-on/two-weeks-off experiment throughout the whole year, just to see how that felt.

    One thing I discovered, though. Since we were always in the “homeschool mindset,” there really was never a choice about whether or not to homeschool year round. Learning seemed to happen even when we were devoutly “on vacation.” I stopped fighting this after the first couple years, and gave into the idea of year-round homeschooling. The trick was simply figuring out which approach was going to serve us best year-to-year.

    Here’s how different year-round approaches might look, and the pros and cons of each.

    Dedicated Summer Subjects

    With this plan, you keep a fairly traditional school-like schedule, but you save one or more specific subjects for the summer months. For us, the summer focus was science. We’ve always loved to do science outdoors, anyway! Leaving science for the summer meant a little more free time in our nine-month daily schedule, and then we could experiment our hearts out at least couple hours a day during June, July, and August.


    • fewer subject-focused hours during the traditional school year means shorter homeschool days
    • saving a subject kids look forward to for summer means no balking at year-round learning
    • if you’re using curriculum for all subjects, you can spread out your purchases across the year
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