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    Published on 05-23-2014 03:12 PM
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    Published on 05-22-2014 06:07 PM
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    We're excited to share ANOTHER great blog post reprint from Karen Mayo-Shanahan. Thank you, Karen, for allowing us to share this at SHS!

    In case you missed her bio the first time, Karen Mayo-Shanahan learns incredible things every day as her three children (13, 11 and 9) share what they've discovered about what they are interested in from Shakespeare to mantis shrimp to Dr. Who. She would call what they do homeschooling, but that implies they are home for more than the briefest moments in between adventures. You can read more about her unschooling adventures via her blog, Eclectic Parent.

    Things to Do

    Since I recently did a post on People and Places, I decided I’d ramble on about things to do too. It’s that time again. Activity picking time. It always stresses me out. Each new season brings hair pulling. We live in a huge metropolitan area. We are so lucky to have so many, many…many options. The downside of course is having many, many, many options. Do you want to take a sport: rowing, soccer, swimming, diving, fencing, tumbling, martial arts – what kind? Though our city parks and rec, through any of the cities touching us, at a private business, a camp? Do you want to take some art: theater, pottery, movie making, drawing, jewelry design? Do you want a technology class: programming, video game design, app design? Parks and rec, community college classes for kids, business?

    And then each entity has it’s own time to put it’s schedule up and different times to register. So oldest wants to continue rowing year round (we’ll see what he thinks of leaving the house at 6:30, when he likes to get up at noon). Cool. Rowing is fun and great for you. I *know* he wants to do that. Oh, but the city that offers that isn’t posting it’s schedule until after the city he’s doing volunteer lifeguarding through opens its classes for registration. He’s already signed up for volunteer lifeguarding, but since he’ll be at a pool already, I figured we’d do any swimming and flowrider classes then. But how do I sign up for those – which day, what time – when I don’t know when rowing is? And classes get filled up?

    I keep trying to remember an article I read called Burden…or Blessing? that talked about adjusting our attitude about “I have to” into “I get to.” Turning “I have to go to work” into “yay, I have a job,” or “I have to go to the grocery store” into “I can get to the grocery store and have the money to buy food to feed myself or my family.” I could also find multiple articles about how children don’t need more organized lessons, but need time to play and explore and work their way out of bored. But the thing is, those are mainly written from the perspective of children that spend all day in school and then are being put into classes in the evenings and weekends – their only free time. Mine, however, spend their days playing, exploring and working their way out of bored. I have many friends who are so at one with themselves and the universe that they’ve passed ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ – which would require also having sugar – and go to ‘when life gives you lemons, do a cleanse; they’re good for you.’
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