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    by Published on 03-13-2014 04:31 PM
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    March is National Craft Month!

    And I know we have a bunch of crafty people and KIDS on this forum!
    Crafts are not just busy work! Crafts are a way to express Art, learn Art, use Math skills, learn shapes, follow directions, use Science, practice reading skills, practice writing skills, learn about History and socialize with friends!!
    Local craft stores are having special fun events this month, check yours! Some are having SPECTACULAR sales on crafting supplies! This is when I stock up! I also hunt our local thrift stores for stuff I can use all year round!! I have oodles and oodles of stuff!

    Crafting is not just for little kids or adults! It is for all ages and for both boys and girls!
    Did you know that it is said that knitting can help with Math retention? True story! New Math Tricks: Knitting and Crocheting

    Kids with sensory issues may do better when learning new things through crafting! 10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism (Not for all kids with sensory issues, every child is different and you know your child best!)

    Create some GREAT family memories by crafting with your kids!

    You can teach art curriculum using crafts alongside it! What better way to distinguish between artists by creating their own piece of art for impressionism or surrealism or pointillism.

    Pinterest is a great place to find some great kid crafting ideas! Check out ours for Secular Homeschool! ...
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    In my mind, there is a missing "homeschool manual" out there somewhere. It was supposed to arrive on my doorstep, or in my mailbox on the first day we began our adventure in homeschooling, but somehow it got lost in the mail (right along with my parenting manual, which I was expecting to be waiting for me when I brought our first son home from the hospital). As a result, I have had to learn all those necessary lessons about homeschooling the hard way - - by homeschooling!

    I imagine that on the very first page of the homeschooling manual is this prime piece of advice: BEFORE YOU SPEND ONE DIME ON HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM, BE SURE THAT YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING STYLE!!! Wow, would that ever have been helpful advice to have received before plunking down hundreds and hundreds of dollars on homeschool curriculum that was far from workable. I was probably about four years, and many grey hairs into our homeschool journey before I realized the importance of matching curriculum/materials to each child's preferred mode of learning.

    This can be especially important when choosing math curriculum, because of the incredible diversity in how math products and curriculum are designed. The array of math programs available to homeschoolers is larger than ever before, and the choices can be overwhelming. But knowing how your child learns best can help you narrow down your options, and ensure that you don't waste money on items your child won't or can't use. ...
    by Published on 09-13-2013 11:06 AM
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    If you went to public high school anytime during the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's....chances are, you took a Home Ec class! It was a requirement and an easy class to do. Many guys took the classes to meet girls and get an easy A. Girls took the classes to learn how to sew and bake. Some basic life skills!
    Out of all my classes, this was the most fun. I knew how to do most of this already, but it was an easy A for me plus a nice break in my day. We cooked, we learned basic sewing skills, we cleaned. Life lessons. In fact, my favorite muffin recipe and coffee cake recipe that I still use today...came from this class!
    Well, due to economics most schools have eliminated these classes, along with many shop classes as well and therefore dooming millions of kids to a lack of life skills.
    How can this be?!
    Schools are required(HAHA) to teach the 3 R's, basic stuff and I would include teaching life skills in that as well. Generations of kids now do not know how to thread a needle, sew a basic button back on, cook a simple meal or bake, fix a loose board or check the oil in their car. Heck, even manage money, budget and keep your checkbook.
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