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    by Published on 09-01-2014 01:01 PM
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    Happy September and Back to Homeschool!

    As public school kids head off to their institutions, many homeschoolers are also starting their school year! Bring on the PJ's, comfy couches, snuggly blankets, corner of pillows or dining room tables! Reading to the dog, laying upside down on the bed while practicing spelling words, listening to music while learning calculus, chilling in front of the computer or watching a science experiment on YouTube in the car...

    No matter how you do it, what works for you is one of the greatest joys of homeschooling!

    And then you have the meltdowns.

    The "I HATE SPELLING" or "I can't think of what to write" or "WHY does a+b=c because I think this Math is STUPID". The tears, the storming off or the collapsing at the table because something isn't working! And insert Mom or Dad rolling their eyes as they sip coffee and think 'here we go again!'

    We are bringing back Instagram this month at Secular Homeschool.

    We want those 1st day of school pics! ...
    Published on 07-07-2014 01:23 AM
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    This is another great blog reprint from unschooling blogger, Idzie Desmarais. Idzie has graciously allowed us to reprint her blog post from her blog, I'm Unschooled. Yes, I can write! Thank you Idzie!

    Idzie Desmarais is a (grown) unschooler, feminist, green anarchist, (confusedly) queer, pagan(ish) woman who makes her home in the Montreal area. She spends her time reading fantasy novels, writing, cooking up lots of tasty food in the kitchen, and dreaming of the homesteading intentional community she wants to help found someday.

    The Value in Writing for an Audience, Not a Grade

    After not reading any non-fiction books in quite a while, I picked up Better Than College by Blake Boles this afternoon and started reading. Instantly, something sparked a blog post idea. Blake writes:
    Instead of working on homework, papers, and presentations destined to be seen once and tossed into a trashcan, self-directed learners turn much of their hard work into useful products for other people.
    I don't know about "products," per se, but definitely something useful and appreciated.

    Reading that, I had a thought that somehow had never occurred to me before. Most young people view non-fiction writing as something primarily done to get good grades, something that is only useful insofar as it pleases a teacher or professor and thus leads to good marks.

    I've never written a five paragraph essay. Count paragraphs, you say? Construct an essay based on a rigid outline? Why would I do that? I've worked within word or space or time constraints numerous times, writing articles for magazines or talks for conferences. But I've never written an essay expected to adhere so closely to a specific outline, nor have I ever written something designed to please just one specific person. ...
    Published on 05-28-2014 05:48 PM
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    We're happy to be able to finish up our month of Unschooling with this great blog post reprint from Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko. You can find more wonderful posts from Beatrice on her blog ! Thank you, Beatrice, for allowing us to share this at SHS!

    Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko is a freelance writer and blogger at Natural Born Learners. She also works as a project co-ordinator at a local environmental organization.

    Beatrice has recently published Natural Born Learners:Unschooling and Autonomy in Education in partnership with Dr. Carlo Ricci (Nipissing University).
    She lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband and three teens who were all unschooled for a time.

    Visit her website to see other writing at bekoko.ca. Read her blog her Natural Born Learners. Follow her at https://www.facebook.com/RadioFreeSchool
    or https://twitter.com/RadioFreeSchool

    10 Unschooling Mistakes You Want to Avoid


    I believe that the root of all evil is comparison. When you find yourself about to do the "is my child keeping up?" or the "her child is better at piano then mine, and they're the same age," just stop. Don't do it.
    When you look at another unschooling mum and back at yourself and feel that you fall short, don't go there. Rather, allow her to inspire you; don't feel down.

    2.Believing that everyone should agree with you.

    This is the attitude of any newbie. I remember how militant I was when I first became a vegetarian (I no longer am-a vegetarian). I couldn't tolerate people who weren't. I must have been an insufferable 'know it all.' I know I certainly annoyed people.

    3. Getting offended/feeling hurt when people don't (agree with you).

    The world owes you nothing. If someone tosses you a dubious look or expresses doubt in what you are doing-deal with it in a mature way. Learn not to take yourself so seriously. Laugh. ...
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