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    Are you utilizing your library?

    Libraries are a FREE resource for homeschoolers! Yes, your tax dollars pay for them so "technically" they are not free....but you have to pay the taxes regardless so why not remember to take advantage of this GREAT resource!!
    Why should I? Hmmm, have you checked out your local library lately?

    Libraries are totally aware of homeschoolers and offer many things specifically for them!

    Libraries can get you that allusive book that you can't seem to find at the book store or thrift store! And for FREE!

    Libraries have MOVIES to rent!! For FREE!

    Libraries have reference books for those crazy things your kids want to learn about! For FREE!!

    Not artistic but your child wants to learn how to quill paper? Guess what....go to library and there are great books to teach them!

    And those librarians are GEMS! Any question you have...they will do their darndest to answer! If they can't help you, they will find someone who can!

    Computer or internet on the fritz and no time or money to fix it right now..... LIBRARY!

    Got an e-reader for Christmas but HATE paying for books! Most libraries have current books you can download for FREE! Checks out just like a regular book on your account!
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    With Summer approaching, that means more outside time.More outside time does not mean learning has to cease! There are SO many ways to learn for all grade levels! And there is no better way to continue learning all summer than by creating your own garden!

    Whether you live in a house, apartment or property you can grow a garden! Where you live and how much you want to grow will determine how involved you are. The kids can be involved in all aspects of the creation, too, from the planning to the planting to the harvesting.

    A garden plan for the whole family

    The following are all things you can talk through and plan (which will all involve math, reading, and science!):

    • calculate size/space needed
    • what plants work best for your area?
    • what exactly do you want to plant?
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    This article is about finding other secular homeschoolers in your local area. Which, if I had actually known how to do years ago, I probably never would have begun this site. But I did start the site, and within three months, I located an inclusive homeschool group in my area with several secular homeschoolers in it, and some terrifically open-minded Christian homeschoolers. Oh, irony - - my old friend.

    The truth is, though, that creating this site has allowed me to get some great input from so many of you about the process of locating other secular homeschoolers. I thought I would cull all that great advice together, plus some things I've learned on my own, into an article that will hopefully be helpful to those who are at the beginning of the process of looking for like-minded homeschoolers.


    I realize it sounds strange to suggest that you begin to find local connections in the anonymous void of cyberspace, but you might as well save yourself some time in the beginning. Your first line of defense should ...
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