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    by Published on 10-01-2015 12:49 PM
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    Did you know that October is Anti-Bullying Month or Bullying Prevention Month!

    I know many homeschoolers started homeschooling because of a bullying issue in public school. The boards and groups are full of kids who have had a bullying issue at school. It makes me so sad to read about them.

    My own son was no exception. We became accidental homeschoolers in Fall 2008 due to him being jumped from behind at school by 2 kids. He is a tall, big kid and at the time....only 1 teacher in the whole school was as tall as him. He defended himself, all kids were sent to the principal's office. The 2 kids who started it got off without punishment. My son was suspended for defending himself. It was the last straw and we became homeschoolers! Never looked back!

    Bullying has become such an issue, though I do think it was ALWAYS an issue. Think back to when we were growing up. There was always 1 kid who was the one to avoid, he or she was the school bully. Picking on the younger and weaker or different kids.

    Now, we have cyber bullies, physical bullies, hazing, and pretty much any kind of bullying you can imagine.
    Nobody should be bullied, EVER. ...
    by Published on 08-17-2015 12:37 PM
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    As I write this tonight, Iím sitting in the ICU waiting area outside an area where the son of one of my best friends is suddenly, unexpectedly, fighting for his life. This friend and I met each other a little over six years ...
    by Published on 08-10-2015 11:12 AM
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    Welcome to Homeschool Geek Week!

    My name is Amber Benton. I prepared a short introduction for my husband David and myself over on our blog. (He's the real geek).

    We have a fun week planned for you and I am looking forward to the conversation here at Secular Homeschool. You can join in the conversation on the forum, over on the blog, or on social media. We have prepared the week's schedule on the blog but I will post it here as well. Of course we can always chat about anything that interests you! If you want to see some of the things we talk about in our local meet ups you can take a look at the long list on this post.

    A Contest
    We have created a special design challenge just for you and we are giving away a free prize. Click over to Welcome Secular Homeschoolers to read all about it. Just follow the instructions to enter - you will have until 8pm on Friday and we will announce the winner here and on the blog on Saturday.

    We would also like to take a moment to invite you to sign up for our free newsletter CONSTRUCT!

    The Proffessor's Syllabus

    Iterative Design
    The Professor will aslo release his weeklong design challenge this morning!

    The Modern Maker Movement
    The importance of making and the relationship of craft and tech.

    How To Be A Coder
    How does a coder think? Learn to program without a computer.

    The Robot
    Robots, robotics, and robotics education.

    A Study in Artillery
    David and the boys will share five of their favorite artillery projects.

    A Brief Personal Note
    If you have seen me speak before, engaged with me on social media, or read other things I've written you may wonder why I'm here at Secular Homeschool. First of all, I'd like to thank you for making me feel welcome! If you want to read a bit about why I'm here and or find out more about Big Green Chair read What is Big Green Chair and click on Our Story.
    by Published on 08-03-2015 12:27 PM
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    To interact with Kelly's post on the forum, click here.

    I do customer support for Time4Learning.com, an online homeschool curriculum. A section of our parent forum is devoted to working parents. Two questions dominate the discussions topics: Can you work and homeschool? Can you work FROM HOME and homeschool?

    I've worked from home for close to ten years now. During that time, four of my six kids have graduated from our homeschool, attended college, and gone on to jobs or careers they enjoy . . . so I guess you can! I'm a pretty ordinary mom, and we've had our share of ups and downs along the way. I'd like to share a few things that have helped me manage these two demanding roles, and I hope you'll add your ideas and questions, too.

    Scheduled Flexibility

    I function best with a schedule, and I've found that to be true for my kids, too. With a growing family, our schedule changes often. What worked last year might not work today, so I'm constantly re-evaluating. When I would make a schedule change in the past, I worried that I might never "get it right". These days, I've come to accept that responding to the changes in our family situation IS getting it right! During the eighteen years we've been homeschooling, ...
    Published on 07-30-2015 09:53 AM
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    by Kerry Jones

    One of the most interesting discussions among education choice proponents, homeschoolers, and even public school data pullers is...just how many homeschoolers are there in the United States right now? Since only a handful of states track actual homeschooler population data, most of the estimates are GUESStimates.

    Most who have attempted to estimate the population of homeschoolers declare it to be somewhere ...
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