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    Ya'll are too kind....and apparently, are the only people who got my point. LOL. Ah well...to each, their own. To her credit, at least she's not ornery about hearing advice. Good enough for me.

    Group Boring People who Hate Debate

    Started By TheFoxZoo Today, 10:32 AM

    Kentucky Clerk

    She's denied licenses to several couples, some gay, some straight and they're all suing. She isn't giving licenses to anyone. If Kentucky is anything like Maryland then if you have a big wedding planned,

    Group Boring People who Hate Debate

    Started By muddylilly Today, 10:10 AM

    Kentucky Clerk

    Dont get me wrong - Ill be there holding her arms while you punch her in the face, if not doing it myself.
    But the couple putting themselves out there as the Rosa Parks of Kentucky marriage equality

    Group Boring People who Hate Debate

    Started By muddylilly Today, 02:57 AM
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    Working on curriculum

    The youngest is easy. Workbooks. You can always find lots of workbooks for 5th grade and below, easy. The oldest--not so much. 8th Grade material is not always so easy to find. And there is the...

    08-26-2015 11:30 AM

    3 weeks in to homeschooling the stubborn tech addicted 5 year old

    We started homeschooling this year, after a less than enthusiastic time was had by our only child in Pre-k. Not really surprising as he's been on a night schedule with us his whole life, and school...

    08-21-2015 06:17 AM

    A homeschool mom that hates to read?

    Is that even possible? The answer is yes you have just met a homeschool mom that hates to reading. I just got my sons US history book and I'm dragging myself through it. Now it's actually like a...

    08-17-2015 11:14 PM

    Co op with little fan fair

    My son and husband stayed up all night playing a role playing game. So we let miguel sleep while we took our bus adventure to the co op sign up. We're without a car and have not taken a bus in 10...

    08-13-2015 12:25 AM