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    Default New to Secular Homeschooling with our BIG family


    My name is Becca.
    I'm a mother to 16! (yes that's right 16!!!) wonderful children ages 3 months to 15 years.
    Not too long ago we moved away from a very religious community (and with very I'm talking about hardly any communication to the 'outside world' it was very sheltered, women had nothing to say and had to obey their husband, our children's legal names are very biblical, other names were not permitted etc.)

    We now have a big piece of land where I live with my husband Joe, our children, my parents (they have a small house on our property), 20 horses, 10 dogs, 4 cats and 5 rabbits.

    Since we live in a remote and rural area, it's not possible to bring our children to a regular school (no school bus here, I would spend most of my day (6 hours, maybe even more) in the van driving the kids to and from schools)

    We decided to keep homeschooling our children, but now from a more secular approach (we do have 30 minutes of bible lessons every morning, but the rest of our curriculum will be (mostly) secular)

    Let me introduce my family:
    - Becca: That's me, I'm in charge of the children's homeschooling.
    - Joe: my husband, had a great job and is able to work a few hours/day from home every week, he supervises the children when necessary.
    - Big Jake: my father, the children call him 'pops', he takes care of the animals and other 'farm' work, he also teaches some science and business economics
    - Liz: My mother, the children call her 'nana', she looks after the younger children when I'm working with the older children, she also teaches home economics, some arts & crafts and a little reading and literature.

    And the children
    - Gideon (15)
    - Jake (almost 14)
    - Jemma (almost 14)
    - Zach (12)
    - Noami (11)
    - Ben (almost 10)
    - Ruth (8)
    - Ruben (8)
    - Hannah (7)
    - Toby (almost 6)
    - Ella (4)
    - Edie (4)
    - Izzy (almost 3)
    - Mike (1.5)
    - Matt (1.5)
    - Abby (3 months)

    Our homeschooling style is eclectic, mostly textbooks and workbooks, literature based, unit studies, worksheets and through arts & crafts projects.
    I like to use not only textbooks but also coloring books, reading books, DVD’s, computer programs, video games, toys, and going on field trips (like a museum, the zoo, the park, police station, fire station, hospital, the vet, supermarket, the lake etc.)
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    Well to the group and that is quite a family you have there! I'm impressed that you would even consider homeschooling with that many kiddos but then we are brand new to this. I must say that I am intrigued at your change in situation but I'm glad to you are moving forward in what you feel is the best course for your family. I haven't been on this board long but it seems to be a very eclectic and pleasant group so I hope you enjoy it here.
    Cheryl - looking to start homeschooling in August.
    Wife to Trey and mom to Lee - a 14 year old with ASD, ADHD and language difficulties who desperately wants to be "normal". Caretaker of 4 fish and one dog and the world's worst housekeeper short of those people who qualify to be on TV LOL

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    Welcome! Hope you find some useful resources here. There are a few moms with larger families who visit this forum who might be of particular help. I see that your children fit nicely into little 'teaching groups' - and what a wonderful thing to have your own mother around to help!

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    Welcome to the group! You'll find lots of help and support here.
    Batman--9, ASD, private school for now, afterschooling w/ R&S Math & Grammar, Memoria Lit., CHOW, Mr. Q Science
    Robin--7, PS and loving it, afterschooling history and science with brother.

    "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."-Mark Twain

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    I'm sure you get tired of hearing it, but wow. Do I correctly surmise that you have FOUR sets of twins? I am in awe. One set of newborn twins nearly did me in.

    Welcome to the forum. And I hope you find lots of good support!
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    I have a bazillions personal questions I won't ask bc I'm sure you hear them all enough! LOL ;p

    That's wonderful that your parents are close and supportive, either, much less both are such a rare thing these days!

    (((hugs))) On having to leave your previous community. It's so hard even when it is the right and best thing to do.
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    Welcome to the group! What a wonderful intro, thanks for letting us peak into your homeschooling life. I have to agree that with the parents willing to help out it would be a fun learning experience for everyone! The things that I could have learned from my grandmother if I had been homeschooled! Of course we would stay with her for a month in the summer when I was young and they had a farm so we did learn a lot then! Sounds like that you are very relieved to be out on your own with your family, congrats to you all Anyone with more than 2 kiddos amaze me when they decide to homeschool, I can barely keep up with my TWO Hope that you find everything that you are needing from this group and thanks for all the great info that you have posted already!
    Pandahoneybee -
    Homeschooling two boys (17 and 12),3 dogs, 3 fish, 2 goats, 2 guineas and one grown man in NC since 2008! AND proud mama has 6 Rhode Island Red girls!!
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    Becca, I was lying in bed last night with my mind racing and remembered you putting Wordly Wise on your list. I wanted to make sure that you know that Book 1 is totally different in format from Book 2 and beyond. You *must* have a teacher guide for Book 1 to be useful other than to get word lists from. I didn't try the preK and K book so I'm not sure about those but wanted to make sure you knew before you ordered them
    Cheryl - looking to start homeschooling in August.
    Wife to Trey and mom to Lee - a 14 year old with ASD, ADHD and language difficulties who desperately wants to be "normal". Caretaker of 4 fish and one dog and the world's worst housekeeper short of those people who qualify to be on TV LOL

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    Sounds like you have an AMAZING family Becca! I love that your extended family are involved in your children's education. What a wonderful support system. Welcome (from another new member )
    Joyce in Western IL
    Homeschooling Mom to:
    DS 13
    DD 9

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    Alice, mom to

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