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    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to the site and was wondering if anyone else had kids diagnosed dyslexic? My kids were assessed with high IQ's and both dyslexic but they have very different strengths and weaknesses. Wondered if anyone else was in a similar situation?

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    Welcome! My boys arent dyslexic, but it does come up here regularly.
    How old are they? Do they need help managing their condition?
    Do you homeschool them, or are you conidering homeschooling them?
    Searching our archives for dyslexic, or perhaps Barton, might get you some information, although Im not sure what you're looking for,
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    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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    My second oldest son (now a senior in public high school) was dysgraphic. He could read just fine, even learned young (age 4) and with very little direct instruction. Very smart and intuitive, but he could not write properly to save his life. He was great with words, it was the physical act of getting his words on paper that was his kryptonite. He was not just a reluctant writer, he would try to write and it would be completely in mirror image. No matter how hard he tried, legibility was always an issue. He ended up typing a lot of his assignments both in homeschool and public school.

    There are lots of great curricula for dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia. Are you looking for suggestions or just some been there, done that advice?

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    Yup I'm with them ^ I have an 11yo 2e (dyslexia) kiddo at home for our 2nd year of HS. There is so much I could say, that you'd be better of asking questions and letting us go from there

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    My son, now a first-year university student is dyslexic. He was around Grade 4-5 at diagnosis after having been assessed way too late. (Itself a long and not very germane story.) He did quite well with 2-3 years of therapy through our local reading centre at the time. Despite his dyslexia, his verbal IQ was extremely high - a feature that probably delayed his diagnosis. His charming demeanour and verbosity allowed him to talk himself out of all sorts of impediments. He was never homeschooled, but I can't say enough good things about the role of dyslexia therapy orchestrated by a third-party.
    DD age 9, Grade 4ish

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    MNDad - I love that you are now spelling like a Canadian.
    DS16 with ASD, DD12 and DS10

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Default Homeschooling bright Dyslexic kids