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    Default Hello from the Low Country

    Hi, I'm rigr and I was planning on homeschooling my 2year old daughter in the future. We're jumping in head first this fall, however, as my 6 year old niece is joining us in a few weeks.

    I've read so much stuff and I still don't know what I'm doing in the fall. I want the rigor and much of the content of Classical, with the aesthetics and handcrafts of Waldorf, the experimentation and art of Reggio, and the nature/composer/artist studies of Charlotte Mason. I'd love it more if it came prepackaged and didn't need any tweaking.

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    Welcome! I remember doing the same pre-search when my oldest was toddler too!
    I dont regret any of the reading and research I did.

    My only advice at this point is... dont think of it as an all-or-nothing where you have to go all one way or another. Do what feels right to you, that is whats going to work best. And dont worry about having to "tweak" things... in reality, you will likely end up buying products you like, and using them how you like. Dont buy a box (all subjects and a schedule) curriculum... none of them are made with either you or your daughter in mind. Even as a "this is my first year, I am going to try how *they* suggest, then be able to tweak for next year.
    Ask us here, and we will tell you that you dont need preschool curriculum, all it takes is library time and a love of learning. Just sayin.
    But we will also answer questions about different products, different schooling philosophies, and random homeschool issues.

    Enjoy this time with your daughter!
    Homeschooling DS11, DS5.


    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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    Yes, I'm pretty sure we are going to be very eclectic, if only because there is so much I want to learn.

    My daughter and I have been doing very low key nature walks, Reggio provocations, and just playing ing general.

    My niece is another story. She's currently failing first grade at a failing public school. The plan is to deschool and then work on figuring out what she actually knows before we start school again in the fall. What that school will look like, I'm not sure yet.

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Hello from the Low Country