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    new homeschool dad here... never ever imagined I'd be doing such a thing, but here I am. I quit my professional engineering career, and so now while my wife works my 6th grade son and I are trying out the homeschool thing.

    I'm always looking for hints and tips and tricks and inspiration and options for secular curricula, and trying to figure out how I'm going to balance it all while keeping the house clean and kids watered and not be social misfits LOL. It's a lot of fun and overwhelming at times too.

    Thanks for being here I look forward to this network of resources!

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    Welcome to the group! They are not many, but there are a few homeschool dads that pipe up now and then!

    You'll find the membership as a whole very helpful. Ask away!

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years

    Daughter (20), a University of Iowa sophomore triple majoring in English with Creative Writing, Journalism, and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

    Son (19), a Purdue University freshman majoring in Computer Science, minoring in math, geology, and history

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    Welcome! The dads dont seem as chatty, but theyre here!

    You mean you homeschool AND have a clean house?!? I havent figured that part out yet... but to be honest, I dont know if I can blame it on the homeschooling.
    Homeschooling DS10, DS4.


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    Welcome to the group! Always happy to have more dads around
    Finishing up kindergarten with my oldest and two little ones always underfoot. Kindergarten was awesome. We used Build Your Library and an eclectic mix for math. Everything else was child led.

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    cleaning house while having kids is much like shoveling snow in a snowstorm: it's a bit of an exercise in futility. :-)

    Welcome to the forum! It's nice to have dads pop up to add a different perspective to things! :-)

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    GREAT to have you here, DD! We definitely have some dads around here...even some new-to-homeschooling ones like yourself! (maybe you guys can commiserate) Thanks a ton for taking the time to do an intro. This is a pretty darn fun place to hang out, and there is NO question too "crazy", plus plenty of folks with plenty of differing stories and experiences, so don't hesitate to just jump right in and be an active conversationalist around here.
    Loyal minion, er...ADMIN of SecularHomeschool.com

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    Hi! We are starting to HS our son. I am the researcher / planner but my husband will be doing most of the teaching. He is EE but has stayed home with our kids since they were born. He does some computer work from home but focus is the kids.

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