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    Default Howdy from Texas

    Hello All!

    Ashley here and mom to 1 boy aged 2.5 years.

    Starting to plan ahead for preschool at home. Mostly thinking of play manipulatives and jar/boxed play items. Coloring, playdoh, singing, crafts and reading.

    And with a good focus on pronunciation since after a double ear infection last Feb he fell behind in speech enough that the evaluation said he was 50% behind near June of this year. I assume to myself that the infection hit when we were supposed to have a huge leap in language that was missed. Finally last month he started to say brand new words all over the place and finally tries to mimic when teaching what something is called.

    He is mastering 1-10. Zero is Oh. The ABCs are his favorite song to sing while playing. That middle fast bit always sounds like ehmehmehmehmehm o p.

    Not sure if we will fall into a schedule ever, he seems to like organically coming up and practicing just fine for now.

    I hope I can bump along without needing much this early. I plan on lurking and hope that he jumps up in the speech department naturally as that is my biggest concern to tackle solo.

    I don't know how long the journey will last but hoping to be able to live rural and still allow my kids to enjoy a great education that the small town district can't give it seems. (Bottom of the rating and testing here sadly.) A teacher here hires a sitter and teaches her kids at night.

    -Thanks for reading!

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    Welcome! Great intro. I still don't have a schedule with my youngest daughter. She was picking up so much in her early years that it didn't seem necessary. She's 5 now and reads well, so she gets a lot of learning just from reading books.

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    I hope my son loves reading books like your daughter. I grew up with my nose in a book <3.

    The newer Vtech phonics he opened for Xmas has been a big hit! I have hope that we will be reading near 5 if he stays in sponge mode!

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Howdy from Texas