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    Default Hi from Arkansas

    Hi all!

    I feel bad, Ive already posted two posts but I just bumped into this Intro and Welcome page!

    My name is Alex and I have a 3 year old daughter. She's been home with me since she was born. We did try out a Montessori school this march, but she only lasted 3 weeks. She had a hard time on the third week with drop offs, she absolutely refused to go and was crying very hard and I just couldn't justify dropping her off like that and coming home and clean. So we pulled her out and I have a feeling that this is it for us for a while with schools.

    Ive always thought about possibly home-schooling but the idea of it really solidified in me a few months ago. I am looking forward to setting up our curriculum, and being present in my daughter's schooling journey.

    I am grateful for this site and I thank you all for providing all the useful information regarding secular homeschooling. (Living in Arkansas isn't exactly the easiest when it comes to secular anything hahaha... So I'm very grateful for this community here!!!)

    Looking forward to expanding my knowledge on homeschooling and getting to know this amazing community better!


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    Hello and welcome, I am from southern Missouri, so I get how you feel. There are secular homeschoolers out there, it just takes a while to figure out where to find them
    Mom to 5 great kids~

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    Hi Alex,
    I'm in AR too. I have four kids, and homeschooled my oldest from K-5th grade until she went to public school. (She's in college now.) When she was tiny we had a great secular playgroup where everyone was welcomed. Now, I'm homeschooling my youngest two children (ages 12 and 2) and find it's much harder to find playgroups etc that don't revolve around a church. Check out SEEK at the 4H center if you are in central AR. It starts in 1st grade but it is so worth it.

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Hi from Arkansas