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    Hi, I am new here and will be homeschooling my daughter this year and have no idea where to start. I want a non-religious program. I was thinking Calvert? Any personal advice on this?

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    Welcome to SHS and to the exciting world of homeschooling! Before being able to give any advice, it would help to know a little more about what your goals are with homeschooling and a little more about your daughter. (age, interests, learning style, etc.)
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    Welcome to the forum. We have a wide variety of homeschoolers here with plenty of veteran homeschool parents with kids of all ages. Tell us a little about your daughter and what you're looking for and you'll get loads of advice
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    She is four but advance for her age (turns 5 in June). I have her doing stuff from 1st and 2nd grade workbooks. She reads very well. Shes been reading books like Secret Garden, Harry Potter, etc., with little issue. She likes a lot of things at this age but science is her go to. I have been looking at Calvert, Timberdoodle and Rainbow source curriculum. I am a bit overwhelmed as I have no idea how to begin and we are also moving to Germany (military family) so another obstacle to work around figuring out school curriculum and having it sent.

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    Welcome! I've tried so many curricula, but never tried Calvert.

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    I have no idea where to look and how people go about it. It is like a foreign language to me, haha.

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    First, she's four. If she's reading, you must be doing something right. Let her continue to read, but also still read to her.

    Start simple. If science is her thing, let her delve into her current interest. Check out books, watch documentaries, go to relevant museums, do experiments. (All kinds of experiment books can be found for kids that age at the library.)

    For math, count things, make change, tell time, read calendars.

    Four is pretty young for a full blown curriculum, IMO. Learning comes naturally at this age if interest and opportunity are both there. Have fun with it!

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    I have always just sat down with her and went over a couple pages in the workbooks. Than she reads a little from a book and I read a couple of books that is pretty much the day. She than does her own things. I have never really done a "school" type thing. Although, I would like to try. I also have a very active two year old who keeps me busy but I would like to have some sort of structure. Any suggestions on a schedule? I have no idea how to address that too.

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    At such a young age, I would focus more on a general daily schedule than a strictly academic schedule. Something like

    8:30 wake up, make breakfast, feed pets, made bed, brush teeth

    9:30 reading time (aloud or independent)

    10:00 active play

    11:00 educational game time?

    .....and so on.

    I totally understand wanting structure with small children. My two always did better when they knew what to expect. However, always leave room for flexibility or to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity.

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years

    Daughter (20), a University of Iowa sophomore double majoring in English with Creative Writing and Journalism

    Son (19), a Purdue University freshman majoring in Computer Science, minoring in math and geology

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    Thanks, though I think since she is advance I need to challenge her in some way with some "busy" work. Where to look for curriculum? I have no idea where to look and buy from. I see rainbow resources have secular bundles. I have no idea what subjects to teach and how to teach them. I will need to figure it out as she gets into the older grades.
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