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    I love the sound of a child's laughter.
    I love the smell of an early morning rain shower.
    I love the satisfaction of a job well done.
    I love the magnificent's of the universe and am awed by it's starlit beauty.
    I love the feeling of holding an newborn infant as it falls asleep in my arms.
    I love the taste of just brewed coffee first thing in the morning.
    I love that the love my children and I share is unconditional.
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    I love baby belly laughs.
    I love that first sip of tea in the morning.
    I love snow - can't wait for winter!!
    I love reading in bed with my kiddo.
    I love homemade ice cream.
    I love Christmas lights.
    I love watching my daughter sleep.
    I love the smell of laundry, fresh from the clothesline.

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    I love foggy mornings that signal the start of fall.
    I love hearing my daughter sing.
    I love my youngest son's humor.
    I love that my older son is just like me.

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    I *love* writing, and creating new worlds and people.

    I love staying up late with my husband and playing video games together.

    I love walking to the library twice a week.

    I love that it smells like autumn now!!!
    Mumsy to Gavin (13-year-old artsy boy) and Rowan (3-year-old disco queen)

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    I love crisp Fall weather where I can wear a nice comfy hoody but not have to wear a coat.
    I love listening to my kids play their imaginary games.
    I love helping my oldest plan for college and life.
    I love walking around Walmart with my younger two while they have a very loud discussion about the unicorn pillow pet Vicki wants and how she's going to name it Horny.
    I love the smile on my sons face when he learns something new.
    I love the pictures he draws for me on his magna doodle.
    Back home after three years!!
    Steph - college Graduate!!!
    George - 8/2005
    Vicki - 7/2007
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    I love everything about autumn - the beautiful colors, the crisp air, the magic of dancing in an autumn rain
    I love that stores already have out the Halloween stuff
    I love our family game nights & family movie nights
    I love that both kids are excited about duct tape day next weekend and the art fair this weekend
    I love that natural desire to learn that the kids have and the fact that I get to encourage it
    I love a mug of hot apple cider or hot tea on a cool evening

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    I love coffee! (but i only have it on the weekends)
    I LOVE the weather today . . .well, not until we went out and took a walk. before that, we were all chilled.
    Cara, homeschooling one
    Raven, ds 10, all around intense kid
    Orion, floundering recent graduate
    22 yo dd, not at home
    Inactive blog at longsummer

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    I just love to hate things...

    **For those of you using, or considering to use, MBTP>>>>>
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    **The busiest group on all of SHS is >>>>>> Boring People Who Hate Debate.

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    Sat nam
    "A truly mature mind can be neither hurt nor flattered, for its very maturity is its independent stability." Vernon Howard

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    I love that my kids can argue effectively that watching the Simpsons DVDs are educational.
    I love the crackle of a campfire on a crisp fall night.
    I love watching the joy in their eyes when they dance.
    I love watching my boy walk and talk and laugh and hug.
    I love getting packages in the mail.
    I love belly laughing with old friends that you don't get to see often enough.
    We started our home schooling adventure 9/08 with Lilli (10/98), Sam (11/00), and Abby (12/02).
    So far, the worst day home schooling still beats the best day working.

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    I love flannel pajamas and sheets in the cold months.
    I love it when my kids spontaneously hug, kiss, tell me they love me, or call me the Best Mommy In the World.
    I love chocolate.
    I love rubbing my cheek against a baby's fuzzy head.
    I love reading children's books for my own pleasure (on a big kid lit kick right now).
    I love this Happy Happy Thread Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by dottieanna29 View Post
    I love walking around Walmart with my younger two while they have a very loud discussion about the unicorn pillow pet Vicki wants and how she's going to name it Horny.
    And I LOVE this!
    Mother of two monkeys...daughter age 10 and son age 11.5.

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