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    Default wired gaming mouse

    I'm starting Christmas shopping early.
    The only thing my son wants is a wired gaming mouse.
    I looked online but am overwhelmed by the options and he didn't request a particular brand.
    Any suggestions from parents who play video games or those of you who have children who play?
    finished 8th grade (our fifth year homeschooling)
    Dumplett (girl - age 14) and Wombat (boy - age 14)

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    My husband and I are gamers. That's actually how we met each other lol!

    Here is the gaming mouse my husband has, Razer Naga.

    Razer tends to be the brand of choice for most gamers.

    My oldest son has this mouse, that he bought second hand from one of his friends.

    If your son is going to be using a gaming mouse, he will need a mouse pad that will be compatible for the best experience. A gaming mouse is much more sensitive than a regular old mouse and a regular mouse pad or no mouse pad at all will make it jittery and harder to control.

    Here's one made by Razer, Razer mouse pad.

    Here is another one a little cheaper but still a good brand, Steel Series mouse pad.

    Does he play any particular games? You could likely find a gaming mouse with his favorite game logos on it. Does he want programmable thumb buttons or just the precision control that a gaming mouse gives? If you can find out the answers to those questions, I'll ask my husband what he would buy today if he were getting a new gaming mouse.

    My husband and oldest son love their gaming mice but I find them hard to control even when the accuracy is turned way, way down. I just have a plain old run of the mill Logitech mouse but it suits me just fine lol!

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    MapleHillAcadmy, Thank you so much.
    He just got a gaming mouse pad last night. It was on sale and since he has been frustrated when he plays I thought it might help. We have horrible internet and the graphics on his lower priced computer may not be good enough for the game. I figured the mouse pad was a quick and inexpensive thing that might help a bit. I bought him this one It was $13 when I bought it but now it is under $5! Maybe it is not very good.

    He has mentioned the Razor brand and said they were around $50.
    He wants the precision. He keeps his current mouse on the most sensitive setting. He's been using this mouse for the last year and a half and likes the feel of it in his hand.

    He has been playing CS:GO. But he hasn't been playing it very long so I wouldn't want to have the logo on the mouse. I'm not sure how long he will play this game.

    Thank you again for your help.
    I am clueless when it comes to this. The only video game I played at home was Pong in the 70's (We were actually the hit of the neighborhood. I cannot believe we would have neighbor kids grouped around watching two people play Pong!)
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    finished 8th grade (our fifth year homeschooling)
    Dumplett (girl - age 14) and Wombat (boy - age 14)

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    Ok, so apparently after 10 years of using nothing but Razer mice, dh has found a new brand that he likes just as much at a better price, Red Dragon.

    He said if he were getting a new mouse for playing something like CS:GO, he would get this one:

    Red Dragon Centrophorus

    or this one

    Razer Naga Hex

    Quite a price difference but he swears that the Red Dragon mice work just as well as the Razer mice.

    We also have abysmal internet service living out in the boonies like we do. In fact we only get cell phone internet at the moment, not the best for online gaming so we haven't been playing online games as much in the past few years since we moved here.

    If his graphics card is a problem, that might be something else to get him gift wise. It isn't difficult to replace the graphics card in a desktop, a laptop is a little harder but it can be done, sometimes, depending on whether or not the graphics are integrated or not. Lol, our 4yo is about to get my gaming graphics card as a hand-me-down for his computer (a tower that a friend of dh's was going to throw away but we salvaged it for ds and we're slowly upgrading the parts inside) so I can have a new graphics card that might be able to keep up with me lol! Honestly, processor and graphics card are where I would sink the most money for a gaming computer. You are looking at $250 minimum, according to dh, for a decent desktop graphics card for gaming.

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    Thank you!
    That is quite a price difference!

    My son has a laptop. He would love a desktop but I am not ready to spend the money and I am not sure if he is ready to spend his savings. He is pretty frugal and practical. So, if we can get his laptop to work better with an upgraded graphics card, it would be great. We use a local 'computer guy'; I need to contact him and see if his laptop can be upgraded.
    finished 8th grade (our fifth year homeschooling)
    Dumplett (girl - age 14) and Wombat (boy - age 14)

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    Oh! I have one of the nice Razers too, it goes from wireless to wired when it charges. But it works so well, we havent shopped for a new one in years. The Razer is good enough that it can do wireless gaming, and I use it for Photoshop too. When you can get so youre not noticing youre communicating with a mouse, its pretty good!

    Razers might cost more, but they have a lot of durability.
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    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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