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    I know that I have many kindred spirits on here and wondering if others have watched the netflix show? I have just finished the 7 episodes in season 1 and except for episode 7 - I absolutely LOVE it. When I was a girl I was given Anne of Green Gables 2 separate times and 2 separate times I could not finish it. I was a sensitive kid and I fully understand how awful Anne's life before Green Gables was and I hated the stupid stuff that happened to her and continued to make her life difficult when she just deserved happiness. It wasn't until college that I was able to read the books and then fell in love with them, all of them - Rilla of Ingleside is my favorite. Anyways to me it seems like the show fleshes out this theme of Anne's previous life very well. I also love the depth of Matthew and Marilla in this show, and the depth of Rachel and Marilla's relationship. Then I read this review:

    It seems to me to be back to the cr*p that you don't say you are a feminist because that makes you liberal, but really we all want women to have rights - though honestly I am not sure what this woman really wants for woman.

    Anyway I was curious what others think of Anne with an E.
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    Anne with an F: The New Avonlea’s Confused Feminism

    Theres the link... it had an extra http in it.

    I havent seen the show, but the reviewer sure hates it!
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    Thanks AM: yes she hates it, but I actually watched the show based on this review:
    and I would agree with her review!

    Anyway go see the show - highly recommend it!
    DS14 with ASD, DD11 and DS8

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    I liked the fluffy 1985 series, I'd read the books around the same time as a kid, and the series was presented much in the same way I'd visualised it while reading.

    The new series is more mature, not so much catering for a young audience. I really like the bleak realism and flashbacks. It feels like a much more honest account of life in the author's era and less of an escapist romantic fantasy... I guess it all depends on what you prefer to watch! Now I'm looking forward to reading the novels with my daughter soon to see these darker parts that I didn't focus on as a kid.
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    Exactly I loved the fluffy 1985 series when I was in college, now at a much older and somewhat wiser age - I like the darker version. Just a different take for a different age in life.
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    I could not get into the Anne books as a kid. I don't know why. But after reading the rant, it tells me more about the reviewer than about the show.
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    Mariam - I couldn't get into them as a kid either, I was very similar to Anne in personality and every time she got in trouble, I felt it deeply. It wasn't until I was an adult and was able to read them with a different perspective that I realized the depth of them and grew to love them - kind of like looking back on your own childhood - now able to understand the difficulties with a bit more distance.
    DS14 with ASD, DD11 and DS8

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    I loved the books, even as a kid. I also loved the 1985 series. This is why I was not going to watch this new version. Now I'm thinking that I might give it a try. Thanks for posting this!

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    We saw the first episode last night. We saw the PBS version last year (Martin Sheen etc.) and so kiddo was fairly familiar with the storyline, despite my having read the book to her in 4th grade (grr).

    Last night she said something funny after it was over and the credits were rolling: "So is, like, Anne of Green Gables the only story Canada has?"

    Personally *I* enjoyed it but indeed I may be the only one in the house who was just too close on the heels of seeing the other version. I do appreciate the long view though of flashbacks to her past. But my dd found them pretty painful.
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