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    Default Gift Ideas for my Budding Botany Lover?

    My daughter loves herbs, anything holistic, plants, books on botany or how you can use plants medicinally, etc. Do you have any ideas for gifts that would incorporate this interest? We already have several books that she loves...I was thinking about getting a mortar and pestle so she could grind her own herbs and plants this summer. Every "kit" that I find when searching online looks cheap and plastic or geared towards younger kiddos (regarding botany or growing herbs). Just checking on here in case someone may know of something!

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    Does she like all plants, or mostly herbs and medicinal plants?
    We love to visit botanical gardens. (I see you are in WI, have you been to the gardens in Janesville?) This fall we visited the Meijer Gardens in Michigan and my children were fascinated by the Bonsai trees. They asked for them for Christmas and have been researching the care of Bonsai trees. They also asked for cactus...they want to make a miniature cactus garden.

    Would your daughter like either of those?
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    What about getting her a terrarium kit? I saw a cute one at Target the other day. That would be a little gift...

    Have you looked on Etsy? I'll bet it would be cute to stuff her stocking with seed bombs.
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    Or an aerogarden? Maybe people will have em on craigslist, cheaper than new.

    But she could grow plants in a controlled setting, experiment with different amounts of light and nutrients....
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    Here's a fun game:


    It's a game about herbs and medicinals. We have it, it's pretty kewl.

    Otherwise get loads of guidebooks about your native plants, including those pocket laminated guides for when you go out and about. We've got one of the latter about edible mushrooms, it's good to have handy in the backpack...
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    We have that game too! Love it!
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Gift Ideas for my Budding Botany Lover?