Hubby has decided to be self employed again! YAY!!! Seriously, I am happy about that. He did mention this would be his last try. If you ask me, he was always successful. He put food on the plate, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. We grew up quite poor. So the fact he was able to do all that and more, I could not ever figure out why he went back to work. He kinda has this sick love hate relationship with credit cards. So he wanted to pay them off and have insurance.
Anyways, he mentioned that if his business does not grow that he would like to move to Colorado. Dd wants to go to college their says a 12 yr old lol. But I was wondering if this move were to happen, what is it like to home school in Colorado? What are the laws? Co-ops? Umbrellas? Reporting? Anything I am missing that I should know? Ill be doing a bit of research myself, but its always nice to get feedback from people.